Get Wltoys A160 5CH Brushless RC Airplane at $69.99 From TOMTOP


Wltoys A160 RC Airplane adopts a high-efficiency brushless motor to provide strong power. Equipped with 3D and 6G systems to increase stability, the flight is very stable. It is easy for beginners to fly.  Wltoys A160 RC Airplane gets a coreless engine, high-ability edges, full force, high accuracy, and high power. With its little evaluated wingspan, you can moreover fly.

With 3D and 6G mode switch function to ensure the safety of the flight. The 3D model allows you to do gorgeous stunts such as rolling, inverted flight, and somersaults. The 6-axis gyroscope mode increases stability, which is very suitable for beginners’ flight. Wltoys A160 RC Airplane adopts EPP material in one piece, the appearance is smooth and very impact-resistant, and the total weight is only 145g. Detachable wing structure, easy to carry.

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The remote control has a large and small rudder setting. The small rudder is suitable for beginners to fly. The large rudder can easily make some movements such as somersaults and spirals. Use the standard lithium battery for simple and quick to install. 7.4V 500mAh large capacity offers up to 10mins long battery life, making flying more enjoyable. The Wltoys A160 RC Airplane is a full-scale model of Cessna-182, made of high-quality EPP material, with excellent impact resistance and good toughness, strong stability, and good taxiing effect. Even if you have never flown a model, the aircraft is easy to operate. This is a great gift for kids and airplane lovers.

Wltoys A160 RC Airplane features low stall speed, stable flight, easy control to achieve rolling, inverted flight, and somersault, which is ideal for beginners and expert enthusiasts. You can buy it from TOMTOP at $69.99 and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping.


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