Get Xiaomi 55W Wireless Charger Vertical Quick Charger at €27.99 From CAFAGO


Xiaomi 55W Wireless Charger has a completely new charging method with a fan, with stable output, fast charging time, convenient charging operation, built-in heatsink fan helps the phone is always cool without worrying about overheating. This Charger provides maximum output up to 55W, provides stable charging current, charges 100% fastest in 40 minutes while wireless charging for Mi 10.

Xiaomi 55W Wireless Charger is design in a very unique stand. This structure offers both more convenience and flexibility in charging operations; while providing better heat dissipation efficiency than conventional horizontal methods. Especially, the ideal angle design with moderate viewing angle; helps users to charge and process information at the same time extremely handy.

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The integrated cooling fan does not make noise, users can comfortably place the Wireless Charger; on the desk or bedside, quiet and undisturbed. Specifically, the fan comes with a completely new air-conduction design, active heat dissipation; thereby ensuring the phone does not heat up during charging.

A variety of six different smart protection modes like temperature, power, short circuit; foreign object and overvoltage protection are supported as well. The Xiaomi 55W Wireless Charger comes with an ideal tilt angle that you are able to have a look at notifications and information on the screen of your phone. We can buy it from CAFAGO at 27.99EUR for limited pcs with Duty-Free shipping


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