Get Xiaomi Mi Notebook, Powered by Intel Core i5-8250U CPU For Just $654.99 at Gearbest


GearBest is known for its sudden flash sales that sometimes halve the prices. Such a sale is going right now and you can get a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth Edition: Mid-Range for a very good price. Xiaomi Mi Notebook equipped with 15.6″ screen and Windows 10 is a new kid on the block: and it offers a lot in mid-range mobile PC segment, especially considering its low price. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth Edition is a mobile workstation running Windows 10, an Intel Core i5 8th Gen processor and a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce mobile graphics card.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook is a fast beast and its performance on preinstalled Windows 10 will be smooth, no matter your tasks. Eighth-gen Intel Core i5-8250U CPU provides over 40% better performance than its predecessor and if you add a 4 GB of RAM, you can get fluid multitasking. On top of that, there is NVIDIA Geforce MX110 graphics card, a GPU chipset dedicated for gaming laptops. Naturally, this kind of CPU needs proper cooling, because overheating is a serious issue and leads to random freezes, resets or in the long-term – hardware failure. Fortunately, Xiaomi used here a smart solution of dual fan – dual air outlet that enables efficient cooling, though fans sometimes are a bit loud when working at full power.

When it comes to design, we wouldn’t call it an iMac clone, but Xiaomi certainly took a lot of inspiration from Apple. There is a solid gunmetal grey metal cover and the minimalistic design is highlighted by a thickness of just 2 cm and weight just above 2 kg – it’s certainly a mobile PC that you can get anywhere with you. It also sports a full-featured keyboard with numeric pad and a multi-gesture touchpad that allows swiping and pinching just like on a tablet.

While you could expect that tablet priced below $700 equipped with powerful internals would contain a small display, Mi Notebook actually has 15.6″ widescreen. This big panel can display in 1680 x 1080 px and it’s coated with anti-glare layer and a full FOV angle. Color saturation is also rich and contrast is sharp so your multimedia experience will be top notch. If you add NVIDIA GPU, you can get a lot of mileage out of this PC for gaming, online video watching or graphics design.

The SSD + HDD combo is the best thing you can get when it comes to storage. 128 GB SSD provides fast working drives that have a fast reading and writing speed, so it’s perfect to install your OS or games to speed up loading times. 1 TB HDD, on the other hand, is a bit slower, but it provides a lot of space to store your files, so you won’t run out of room for your multimedia.

Fast internet connection is provided by a dual WiFi 2.4/5GHz, so you’ll get no buffering when streaming videos from Netflix or Youtube and a fast file transfer. If you prefer cable connection, there is a gigabit Ethernet port, so it’s possible to get even faster bandwidth rates through LAN. One thing we believe it lacks though is a fingerprint reader. Older Mi Notebooks had this gimmick that allows for instant Windows login and better security for your files, but it’s not there.

Xiaomi’s fingers are on a lot of pies, and its latest notebook clearly shows they can dabble in all kinds of electronics to make top hardware for the low price. Mi Notebook works smoothly, has an impressive display and can be used for work, school or even gaming. Its design ideas are heavily influenced by iMacs, so it’s a worthy competitor to Apple computers – at half their price. If you prefer Windows over MacOS and are keen on savings, pick this Xiaomi laptop. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Youth Edition is available at GearBest with inexpensive shipping worldwide. Currently on sale for $654.99, so get yours while it’s cheap!


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