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Xiaomi Viomi S9 is the first vacuum cleaner in the Mi Home ecosystem with a dedicated docking station. What is the purpose of this work? Therefore, we don’t have to empty the container in the robot so frequently. Instead, waste enters larger containers after cleaning, and we empty it much less frequently. The robot also has all the basic intelligent functions that other Viomi can find, namely bravely placing the room flat in the room, invisible walls, intelligent obstacle avoidance, etc.

Buy Xiaomi VIOMI S9 at Geekbuying

The 3-litre container should be kept clean for one month. Compared to 420 ml (which is the most popular dust container size in robotic vacuum cleaners), there are indeed many. The suction power of the robot is 2700 Pa, so it is much higher than the competition (usually 2000 Pa-2500 Pa). Therefore, the robot is not only very suitable for dust but also very suitable for animal hair. The battery in the S9 is 5200 mAh. It should last 220 minutes. By vacuuming, we can clean up to 320 square meters.

The innovative extraction station is well developed and features the latest technology. The extraction route is only 38.1 cm, which reduces the risk of blockages. Due to the power of 950W, even the smallest dust particles are easily removed and collected. An LED shows the contents of the dust bag and you will automatically receive a reminder via the app when it is full. Thanks to the 3-litre capacity, you don’t have to worry about emptying the extraction station all month long.

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The battery has a capacity of 5200 mAh, making this Xiaomi Viomi S9 robot vacuum cleaner able to clean continuously for up to 220 minutes. This gives the S9 a very wide range of up to 320 m2 (mopping 250 m2). The VIOMI S9 has four suction power settings, including a handy silent mode (700 Pa). The standard suction power is 1200 Pa and can also be scaled up to a powerful setting of 1800 Pa and the maximum suction power of 2700 Pa. This also removes the heavier dirt with ease.

The Xiaomi Viomi S9 has a 2-in-1 tank and is capable of vacuuming and mopping at the same time. The combi tank has a capacity of 250 ml for water and a built-in dust container for 300 ml of dirt. This electric water tank has 3 different delivery levels for precise water control and leak prevention. Water delivery will stop automatically as soon as the robot vacuum cleaner starts charging. The S9 can mop intensively, with the robot moving both forwards and backwards in a Y-shape. You can also choose an energy-saving mopping mode where the robot moves in an S-shape. The model comes with a washable mop cloth and 10 disposable cloths for extra hygiene and convenience.

The Xiaomi VIOMI S9 comes with a charging and suction station, adapter, 2-in-1 tank, cleaning tool, 10 disposable mopping cloths, a reusable cloth, 3 dust bags, an extra side brush and an instruction manual. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $649.99 by using Coupon Code: VIOMIS9Z and ship from CN warehouse.

Buy Xiaomi VIOMI S9 at Geekbuying


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