Get Xiaomi WAEWOO F9 Pro Leafless Fan With Air Purification at €159.27 at TOMTOP


Xiaomi continues to introduce interesting home appliances, the latest launch of the Waewoo F9 Bladeless Fan, a bladeless fan. Which has a design similar to a Dyson fan and has a similar working principle by installing propellers at the base of the machine As well as sending the wind forced out of the ring around the machine. The Xiaomi Waewoo F9 Leafless Fan offers smooth, quiet airflow without any blades visible. The Waewoo F9 bladeless fan also sports two HEPA filters that support air purification.

Buy Xiaomi Waewoo F9 Bladeless Fan From TOMTOP

The advantage of the Xiaomi Waewoo F9 Bladeless Fan is that it does not create dust. And prevent children from getting hurt when poking their fingers into the fan. The F9 Bladeless Fan is a bladeless fan. You can choose a maximum of 9 levels of wind power. Xiaomi explained that levels 1-3 will be the wind that blows through the fields, levels 4-6 will be a wind that blows through valleys and levels 7-9 will be. The wind blows through the ocean, which levels 1-3 are very quiet and louder according to the strength level.

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Inside that Xiaomi Waewoo F9 Leafless Fan, There will be installed 2 HEPA filters that will filter dust in the air, reduce the rate of formaldehyde up to 95.2% and reduce the rate of removal of volatile organic compounds of TVOC up to 89.7% ever. In addition, the machine can turn the switch to a maximum of 60 degrees, tilt-tilt up to 20 degrees.

The Xiaomi F9 Leafless Fan can be adjusted to 9 levels of wind power. At wind speeds of 1-3 levels, the manufacturer explains that the wind power levels in the fields are blowing quietly, gently, levels 4-6 are the wind power in Cool mountain forests and levels 7-9 are strong, refreshing sea breeze.

In addition, the fan also has two HEPA filters for air purification that can eliminate various pollutants. Including contaminants up to 95.2% and eliminate organic compounds TVOC up to 89.7%. Without the rotating rotors like a conventional fan, Xiaomi Waewoo F9 Leafless Fan does not generate dust, nor is it dangerous to children. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €159.27, and Delivered from EU Warehouse.

Buy Xiaomi Waewoo F9 Bladeless Fan From TOMTOP


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