Get Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer at $37.99 From Banggood (Coupon)


Xiaomi released the Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer, which comes with time-lapse photos, smart tracking, long battery life, and other advantages. Yuemi’s uniaxial gimbal stabilizer is made of lightweight, high-fiber composite material. The weight of the entire device is only 229 g, and the built-in 450mAh battery capacity has a lifetime of 2 hours.

Buy Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal From Banggood

Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer has a mature image stabilization technology. Gimbal stabilizer, using a 32-bit ARM processor, 6-axis acceleration gyro sensor, flight control stabilization algorithm, dedicated brushless motor magnetic sensor. Gyroscopic force movement, advanced high-precision control motor stabilization algorithm, real-time to improve the vibration of mobile phones during shooting.

The Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal is light and stable. It is made of an alloy of aluminum and rubber, the stabilizer is light and firmly held in the hands. Tripod mode is also convenient for video chatting, live streaming, watching movies, and taking group photos. It has an integrated structure which is a multi-functional one-piece design. It has a contracted size of approximately 190mm which makes it easy to store. The net weight of the device is 229 grams and can be easily carried for outdoor shooting.

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The Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer has a removable rechargeable mini-remote. Thanks to the detachable Bluetooth design, you only need one click to start video recording. It also has anti-shake technology that keeps the shots perfectly stable even during shocks. One-button control horizontally and vertically, 360° horizontally and vertically – Quickly adjust the shooting orientation.

The Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal comes with remote control, for which you don’t even need to install a special application. The device is synchronized with a mobile phone via the Bluetooth module, after which you can release the shutter button at a distance of up to 10 meters. We can purchase it from Banggood at $37.99 by using Coupon Code: BGYMSS in Flash Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal From Banggood


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