GMKTEC NucBox 5 Mini PC Offered at $229.99 [Coupon Deal]


With the GMKTEC NucBox 5 Mini PC, the manufacturer GMK, known for its mini PCs, is launching another compact desktop that only takes up an area of ​​7 x 7 cm. Among other things, an Intel Celeron (11th gen.), 8 GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD are on board for less than 300 euros.

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GMKTEC NucBox 5 comes with VESA Bracket support, which allows you to place your PC behind the monitor unnoticed, so as to save maximum space and turn GMK into a mini all-in-one workstation. The NucBox 5 comes with ultra-high definition streaming and, thanks to its Intel® graphics, provides best-in-class video with realistic picture quality. Inside this small mini PC are 2 * HDMI ports that support a dual 4K display. Despite the fact that the GMK 5 Mini PC is so small, it offers well-thought-out cooling, so it is not a problem to enjoy long moments with undisturbed work.


GMKTEC NucBox 5 mini PC is powered by Intel 11th Jasper Lake N5105 processor with 4 cores 4 threads, 4MB L3 Cache, TDP 10W, 2GHz base frequency, and 2.9GHz burst speeds. And it comes with Intel UHD graphics, which have 50% more GPU execution units and support higher graphics burst frequencies than the N5095 powered mini PC.


NucBox 5 also has the latest Wi-Fi 6 chip inside, which excels at 3x faster speed and 4x faster capacity than previous Wi-Fi 5. In addition, it cuts power consumption by 30% and reduces lag by two-thirds. And the WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 3) improves the level of security compared to the widely popular WPA2 standard, while still maintaining backward compatibility.

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Coupon Code: BGdd845b

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