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In January, the mini PC experts at GMKtec introduced two exciting new models to the world. NucBox3 AND NucBox4 offered a different platform, but in both cases very efficient, powerful, and ultimately affordable. But the Intel Celeron J4125 and Ryzen 7 3750H platforms are already a thing of the past, so it’s time to show us something a little newer. Another quite popular developer of similar small PCs is GMKtec. GMKtec with another NucBox5 mini PC of the NucBox line, the company used a newer and better Intel processor.

His first NucBox, like the previous devices exchanged, is based on the quad-core Celeron J4125. Recently, the company presented the GMKtec NucBox3 with very similar parameters, but due to the larger housing (although still a mini PC, but resembling a bit larger products from the Intel NUC line) it could have more ports, built-in Ethernet, or a removable M.2 SSD. The GMKtec company is not slowing down and has created another NucBox 5. It is basically better than the first and the three at the same time.

Dimension is somewhere between the two constructions but has the form of a cube-like the first Nuc Box or PC from Chuwi and Panther. It is equipped with an even newer and actively cooled Intel Celeron N5105 processor from the Jasper Lake series (based on the 11th generation of Intel) made in a 10 nm technological process. It has a TPD of 10 W, 4 core cores clocked up to 2.0 GHz, and in the enhanced performance mode up to 2.9 GHz. It’s Intel UHD Graphics with 24 EU units has a base clock of 450 MHz, but it can crank it up to 800 MHz. It is paired with 8 GB RAM (DDR4 LPDDR4x 2933 MHz) and 256 or 512 GB SSD M.2.

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Importantly, we have access to two M.2 slots (compatible with SATA and PCI-Express NVMe models); so we can add or replace carriers. They are of a slightly shorter type. The dimensions are not given, but it looks like M.2 2242 (the most popular are 2280). Then the socket should also be compatible with the even smaller type 2230. This was not stated explicitly, but it is very possible that RAM could also be added. The specification shows “max 12 GB”, and yet GMKtec offers its computer only in the 8 GB RAM version.

The manufacturer provided the mini PC GMKtec NucBox5 with modern dual-band WiFi 6 ax; Bluetooth 5.2, and a number of ports: 3 x USB-A 3.2, 2 x HDMI 2.0 (supporting 4K @ 60 Hz); wired Gigabit Ethernet card, microSD memory card slot, minijack audio port (for headphones with a microphone or speakers); USB-C plug as a power supply (12V 3A). The equipment measures 72 x 72 x 44.5 millimeters and weighs 204 grams. In one photo it is compared to the dimensions of the iPhone and its width is very similar to that of the phone. It is compatible with Linux and Windows systems (or others such as FreeBSD) but comes pre-installed with Windows 11 Home.

8 GB RAM and the presence of the Celeron N5105 with integrated graphics do not guarantee great performance for setting up multiple virtual machines; advanced simulation calculations, video rendering; playing locally launched the latest demanding 3D games or other heavy-duty tasks. However, for office work, browsing network resources, watching movies (including 4K); less demanding photo processing, playing in the cloud (e.g. via GeForce Now, Google Stadia, or Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming); or less demanding or older titles locally, it should be able to do it calmly. And what is important, it will take up less space on the desk (it can also attach to the screen with a VESA mount) and will consume much less electricity.

The GMKtec NucBox5 computer can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website. Edition with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD for $319.99; and 8 GB RAM with 512 GB SSD for $399.99. Prices include free shipping and EU tax payment for non-EU goods.

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GMKtec NucBox5 is also available on Amazon, and the price is listed as $299.99 (8+256GB) and $399.99 (8+512GB), of course, you can apply the $45 and $60 on-page discount to have the price reduced.

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