Go Remote. Paul Belogour’s Advice for A Seamless Transition to Distance Operations


Companies all around the world are switching to remote operations. However, few businesses are ready to support distance work for all employees, as their hardware and software infrastructure is not sufficient for increased loads and new challenges. If your company is struggling with the shift to remote operations, you might benefit from outside professional assistance by a reliable IT vendor, such as Boston Unisoft Technologies. Our CEO, Paul Belogour, shares a few ways your business will benefit from our help.

Infrastructure Maintenance

The majority of SMBs were not ready for the demands of forced remote operations. Websites started crashing, hardware was overheating, and employees could not handle the increased number of customers and orders. Considering the economic crisis is not likely to end soon, and the next global crisis cannot be far off, your infrastructure needs an overhaul. Even if you are not ready to invest in new equipment and software now, the least you can do is establish a reliable maintenance routine to ensure long-term stability.

If your budget does not allow for an in-house IT team, outsourcing is the next best option. Boston Unisoft Technologies team includes a full complement of experienced software engineers and quality assurance experts to take over your maintenance needs. They will assess the state of your hardware and software systems, suggest improvements, and take over updates and debugging, if necessary. Having an IT professional on your speed dial is an invaluable benefit in the times when your business success relies on the website or mobile application stability under increased load and ability to bounce back from crashes.

Employee Training

Mandatory social distancing has prevented most companies from holding meetings and training seminars. As a result, most of your employees are likely not familiar enough with existing systems to operate them remotely and efficiently. Any changes you introduce to their daily tasks will slow down their work and make operations increasingly costly.

Once again, your company does not need a full-time in-house IT expert to educate employees. That’s where Paul Belogour, Boston Unisoft Technologies experts, and coaches come into play. They can assess your software training needs, create detailed documentation, and devise training routines for every member of your team. It might seem like an unnecessary investment, but it will pay off in the long term with increased operational efficiency and improved employee morale. Check employee time tracking software here.

Enterprise Software Updates

Updates to your business software, mobile application, or website are never at the top of the priorities list, as it is a lengthy and pricey endeavor that never pays off quickly. Many business owners operate under these assumptions and are left with underperforming solutions in the time of crisis. The increase in Internet traffic and customer demand are taxing even for international giants, while small- and medium-sized businesses are hit harder than ever. Instead of trying to weather the storm and hope for the best, now is the time for quick and decisive IT improvements.

Boston Unisoft Technologies specializes in delivering fast, high-quality results for companies across the most competitive markets. Our software engineers can assess your business needs, analyze existing solutions, and offer quick fixes that will help you adjust to the requirements of remote operations, increased number of orders, and any other challenges. The team can incorporate new features for better cooperation between employees, operations automation, third-party solution integration, and more. We will adjust the scale of the updates depending on your business requirements, market niche, budget, and deadline.

A word of advice from Paul Belogour: UAE, EU, US, UK — wherever your company is, the sooner you consider the necessary changes, the faster we will implement them, and the more successful your business will remain throughout the crisis.


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