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The Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Power Station is the most powerful Power Station that the Goal Zero brand has recently launched. It is equipped with a whopping 6071Wh of energy storage, allowing the Yeti 6000X to run energy-hungry devices and appliances for days. The 6000X features a wide range of power options with seven versatile ports, including two 2000W AC ports to run everything you normally need from a wall outlet.

Buy Goal Zero Yeti 6000X on Amazon


The Yeti 6000X is equipped with a clear display on the front. You can monitor the input and output in Watts, Volts, and Amps. The show also clearly indicates the battery’s charging status, along with a timer that can be used in different ways. To demonstrate how many hours or minutes it still takes to charge the battery fully or how long the Yeti can still supply the connected device with energy. You can set this exactly with the handy buttons above the display.


The Yeti 6000X is the most powerful power station in the Yeti X line. Equipped with 6000-watt hours of lithium power, the Yeti 6000X supplies power-hungry devices for days. With seven versatile ports, you have a wide range of power options, including two 2000W AC ports. With the Yeti, the energy supply succeeds in the same way as with the help of a socket.


The Yeti 6000X has a wifi function, whereby the Yeti can easily be controlled remotely via the wifi router with the Zero Yeti app. Remotely turn the ports on or off, check battery levels, and even update the Yeti’s firmware.

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Where To Buy

You can grab Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Power Station on Amazon, selling at $4799.89 with the fastest shipping. Click the following button to order now:

Buy Goal Zero Yeti 6000X on Amazon


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