Google Pixel 4 Design Exposure: There is a Mysterious New Sensor at the Top


Google is about to launch Pixel 4 series, a foreign netizen exposed a design image, there is a region in the picture has never been seen, peoples have speculated the role of this area.

In addition to better cameras and higher-profile processors, the Google Pixel 4 series has a mysterious area that has never been seen before. Some people speculate that the surface of this area will be black, and there is an invisible sensor below. This sensor is called “Soli Radar”.

In 2015, Google introduced the Soli project, a radar-based project that senses the subtle movements of your fingers, allowing users to move their hands closer to or away from electronic devices and use specific gestures to isolate them. Prior to this, LG had done similar functions in previous products.

In addition to the “Soil Radar,” there are people who speculate that new sensors may be used for the True Tone function. True Tone has always been a feature of Apple’s use of screen color, which automatically adjusts the color and intensity of the display to the appropriate state based on the lighting conditions in your environment.

This technology will color compensate the white color of the screen under different light sources, that is, if you are reading an e-book, it will show the color of the paper.

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The third guess is that it is a design similar to Face ID, and Face ID is the first 3D face verification method introduced by Apple. Face ID captures the user’s facial image information by projecting an infrared point source onto the human face to form a digital model. The collected model is compared with a face model stored inside the mobile phone to determine whether to unlock. Before the official news came out, we had to wait and see.

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