Google Pixel 5 Revealed: Three Cameras, Snapdragon 765


Google has also recently released a lot of new phones. In addition to the new Google Pixel 4a, the new Google Pixel 5 has also been exposed. The new Google Pixel 5 will be repositioned, except for the first Android 11 release. , Will also bring surprises on the price, and the current information on the phone has been confirmed, then let’s take a look at this time what the new Google Pixel5 will look like!


Google Pixel5 will adopt a new appearance design scheme. In the front design of the new phone, Google Pixel5 will continue the design scheme of the Google family. The screen ratio of the front of the new phone is also somewhat low, but the overall positive effect is still Yes, the screen parameters of the new phone are also average, compared to the current domestic mid-range flagship phone, it is indeed a bit inferior, but this seems to be a Google feature.

In the design of the back of the new phone, Google Pixel5 will use a new profiled camera layout. The three-shot arrangement on the back of the new phone is somewhat similar to the Black Shark gaming phone 3. The back continues to be made of glass. In terms of the overall design of the new phone, Google Pixel5 continues Google’s design philosophy, but the new phone is still so traditional, it can be said that there are not too many bright spots.

Google Pixel 5 Hardware

Google Pixel5 will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 processor. The performance of this processor is also relatively good. The phone also supports 5G network functions, which is also a new breakthrough. In terms of the memory combination of the new phone, Google Pixel 5 will start with a 6GB + 128GB memory combination. The new phone will have a maximum of 8GB + 512GB memory combination, and this combination is also very top-level.

Google Pixel 5 Cameras

Google Pixel5 will be equipped with a rear single 12 Megapixels plus a single 8 Megapixels plus a single 20 Megapixels triple camera combination, and on the new camera’s front camera. it is equipped with a single 12-megapixel camera, and this combination is considered to be quite outstanding. In other aspects of the new phone. Google Pixel5 will support facial recognition, fingerprint recognition under the screen. And Google will also bring the brand new Android 11 on this phone, which is also a highlight.

In terms of the release time of the new phone, Google Pixel 5 is expected to be officially released in the middle of this year, but the specific release time of the new phone remains to be confirmed. In terms of the price of the new phone, Google Pixel5 will be positioned in the mid-range flagship market. The price of the new phone is also very Google-specific. The new Google Pixel5 is starting to sell. The price will be 3999 yuan, but the specific price of the new phone will not be known until the new phone is released.

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