Google Pixel 5a Has Been Leaked: Pixel 4a Still Not Released


Google recently confirmed that Google Pixel 4a will debut on August 3. However, today there has been news of Google Pixel 5a. Dylan Roussel of 9to5Google discovered that traces of Pixel 5a were found in Google’s Android open-source project or AOSP code changes.

Google Pixel 5, it may not be released until later this year, but now we know that 5a is already in development. The code changes mentioned the devices since the release of Pixel 2 and the (released/to be released) version of Android they carry.

In the device list, in addition to the three known upcoming Pixel phones-Pixel 4a, 4a (5G), and Pixel 5, this list also directly mentions the Pixel 5a model.

Google Pixel 4A uses a 5.81 inch OLED screen with a 2340×1080 pixel resolution, it is powered by Snapdragon 730 processor, RAM 6GB ROM 64GB/128GB internal storage, built-in 3080mAh battery, supporting 18W quick charge, but no wireless charging.

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But we hardly know the actual appearance of the Pixel 5, let alone what kind of hardware or features the Pixel 5a will have. Only after the release of Pixel 5 will it be possible to predict the features of 5a.


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