Google Pixel 6/6 Pro Design First Unveiled as Android 12 Flagship


Although Google phones have never been among the top selling devices, they are still considered the benchmark for Android and represent Google’s view of Android phones.

The Pixel series, Google’s son, is always available in the first place every time a new version of Android is updated, which is faster than other mobile phone brands.

With the arrival of the Android 12 preview, Google’s new Pixel flagship has also been unveiled.

Jon Prosser has revealed exclusive Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro renderings.

As shown here, Google Pixel 6 series comes in two sizes, with a center perforated front screen, three cameras and flash horizontally, and a three-segment back split in what Jon Prosser calls “a wild new design” that may be the most recognisable flagship phone ever made by the Google Pixel.

As the son of Google, Google Pixel 6 series will naturally be the first to run the new Android 12 operating system and will be the first to receive a security patch.

It’s worth noting that Google was previously revealed to be developing its own chip, code-named “Whitechapel”.

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It’s also been revealed that the new Pixel phone will use a Whitechapel chip, which seems to mean that the Google Pixel 6 series could be the first Google chip to be developed.


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