Google Pixel 7 Series has been Revealed


As we’ve heard, the Pixel 7 series will be coming out in October, and the next big thing will be an updated video system and hopefully a pre-installed Android 13 operating system. The next generation of home-grown Tensor chips will also be in the spotlight. And now we have the Tensor 2 specs for Google’s next flagship processor.

The brand new Pixel 7 flagship will have the Tensor 2 processor, which will be built by Samsung using Samsung’s 4nm LPE process. The “1+3+4” or “2+2+4” scenarios may be used.

Considering that the previous Tensor chip consisted of two Cortex-X1 supercores and two Cortex-A76 supercores and four smaller A55 cores, we can’t rule out the possibility that the Tensor 2 will have two Cortex-X2 supercores. And then Google Tensor 2 will have an ARMv9 instruction set, which means you’ll have 800,000 points.

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In other news, the new Pixel 7 series will continue the design of the previous generation, with the front of the current mainstream hole in the center of the screen design, while the four sides of the screen are very narrow, the overall screen ratio is high. It’s going to come with a second generation Of Google Tensor chips, which has a lot of performance, power consumption and so on. A rear strip camera module, with three cameras aligned horizontally and in a “2+1” configuration, includes a suspected telephoto lens. In addition, Google’s Pixel 7 series will also ship with Android 13, which will be the industry’s first flagship phone to ship with Android 13.

Google’s Pixel 7 series is expected to launch in October, but we’ll have to wait for more details.


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