Google Pixel 7a phones Appear on the Bluetooth SIG Website


Google Pixel 7a recently appeared on the Bluetooth SIG website. The models include G0DZQ, GWKK3, GHL1X, and G82U8, which all show support for Bluetooth 5.3.

IGeekphone previously shared a report from Vietnamese blog Zing News showing a set of HD photos of the Pixel 7a, which shows the same camera strip design as the Pixel 7, with matte aluminum instead of glass on the camera bump to make it more durable. However, the photos also confirm that Google has not reduced the width of the bezel around the screen.

It has also been suggested that the upcoming Pixel 7a will be equipped with a Samsung Exynos G5300 modem. Note that subsequent Google pixel 6 and 7 models will likely switch to Samsung Exynos G5300 modems.


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