Google Pixel Phones Have Problems After Updating Android 12


The arrival of Android 12, the latest update to Google‘s mobile operating system, was one of the highlights of the Live Stream of Google’s launch this week (along with Google Pixel 6, of course). Even during Tuesday’s launch, the Android 12 update prompt had already started to appear on some of our Google Pixel phones.

But, some Pixel owners who immediately installed Android 12 after it was released, started to have serious problems with their phones. Dozens of users who visited Google’s support page to indicate the problem complained that the applications crashed after the update.

As we can see in the image above, a Pixel 4 user named Raymond B. reported that he had problems with the face unlock feature after installing the Android 12 operating system. Stating that he suddenly received a ‘clean face recognition sensor’ warning while working normally for a certain period of time, Raymond noted that after restarting the phone, the problem was fixed for a few hours.

Besides, a Google Pixel 4a (5G) user named Sarthak Bhatia, who stated the problem he had on the Google Pixel support page, said that after installing Android 12, applications constantly crashed. However, he also stated that the battery of the phone is drained faster than before.


Another user, who had problems with the face unlock, reported that he encountered the same situation on his Pixel 4XL device. He stated that he received a warning saying he needed to clean the screen. However, he stated that no matter what he did, the problem was never solved. He also shared on the Google Support forums that his reboot didn’t work either.

As it turns out, the Android 12 update brought sensor and camera app issues on some Google Pixel phones. It remains unclear whether the errors in question are chronic or not. Although some users recommend a factory reset, this does not work for everyone. There was no explanation yet from the Google Pixel team about the problem.

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