Google Tensor SoC Specs Exposed: Dual 2.8ghz X1 Superlarge, 20-Core GPUS


Google officially unveiled the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones in the early hours of this morning. Both devices will come with the Tensor SoC chip, which Google developed, but specs were not announced at the show. The creators of the XDA forum took the specs of the Tensor SoC from the System files on the Pixel 6 Pro phone:

2X ARM Cortex-X1 Ultra Core, 2.802 GHz

2X ARM Cortex-A76 Core, 2.2563 GHz

4X ARM Cortex-A55 Small core, 1.80 GHz

ARM Mali-G78 MP20 GPU, 20 cores

Oddly, the processor’s larger core doesn’t feature the latest Cortex-A78 architecture, so it’s unclear if this is true.

The Google Tensor SoC has been developed and manufactured by Samsung with the help of a 5nm process. Samsung’s latest Exynos 2100 has a 2.9ghz Cortex-X1 ultra-large core, three 2.8ghz Cortex-A78 large cores, and four 2.2ghz Cortex-A55 small cores.

In addition, Tensor SoC is expected to integrate a Tensor processing unit for machine learning, an ISP image processing unit, a Tensor security core, and a low-power core. In addition, the processor has 8MB system cache and 4MB L3 cache.

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We’ve learned that the score of the Pixel 6/Pro has yet to be confirmed, but the Tensor chip has an 80% improvement in CPU performance and a 370% improvement in GPU performance compared to qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G. Google’s Pixel 6 starts at $599 and the Pixel 6 Pro starts at $899. It will be available on October 28.


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