Google To Allow iGaming Apps In the Play Store


The Google Play Store will soon allow users to download gambling apps as long as the gambling app is legal in the user’s home country. This decision was made after a meeting between Google and Apple about their policies towards gambling apps, so it only affects the Google Play Store and not the iOS App Store, which does not allow any forms of real money or in-app purchases.

Google said that this move would benefit customers and developers because customers would now be able to choose from more products and developers who want to release an online casino game could cater to a larger market. However, some people are still wary about letting apps like these be accessible through such a widespread store like Google’s.

The announcement came after two days of meetings between seven companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft, and the Interactive Gaming Council. According to TheVerge, the group also discussed responsible gaming measures like setting deposit limits or implementing age requirements.

Jeff Grub continued on to say that although there are no set plans for what types of gambling apps will be released first by developers, he speculated that popular foreign social casino game apps like Boost Casino online or Slotomania would probably be the first available.

As far as if users can expect any new types of gambling style games outside of slot machines was not mentioned in the meeting at all. This is good news for those who were worried about some sort of virtual reality type roulette wheel popping up on their phones anytime soon because it’s unlikely that something like that will be an option.

With many countries legalizing different forms of gambling, it makes sense that Google would want to allow apps like these to be accessible through the Play Store in order to maximize profits for developers and Google without breaking any laws or regulations. This move will take away some IOS market share because Apple still won’t allow these types of apps in their store, but only time will tell whether this change in policy is a positive or negative one for Google and its users.

Why were gambling games not allowed previously?

Google and Apple had long prohibited gambling apps from their stores, including social casino games. This was because of concerns that children would be able to make in-app purchases on the app without their parents’ permission or knowledge.

Why are they now allowing them?

It appears that Google has changed its mind on this issue after meeting with other industry members regarding the issue. A spokesperson stated, “it’s become clear that this is an area where everyone cares about the experience”.

What about age restrictions?

There were no current plans announced to restrict which ages can download gambling-style games through Google Play at this time, but it seems likely something will be put in place before releasing these types of applications to the public.

What kind of games can we expect?

As mentioned before, social casino games are the most likely to be seen in the Google Play store first due to their large popularity among all ages. However, it may be possible that other types of gambling-style apps could become available for download as well.

What about the Apple App Store?

At this time, it’s unclear whether or not Apple will follow suit and also allow gambling apps in its store. If they don’t choose to do so in a reasonable amount of time, Android users may end up downloading more gambling apps than iOS users which would mean a loss in market share for Apple.


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