GoolRC C12 Brushed Electric Monster Truck Off-Road RC Car Enough of Fun For Kids Review By @RCMOMENT (Coupon Inside)


Introducing the inexpensive, capable and fantastic 1/24th scale, the 2WD RC Car from GoolRC! Featuring 2.4GHz radio control system, digital proportional controls, individually sprung front wheels and a removable rechargeable battery, you can now drive with GoolRC C12 Off-Road RC Car like a “pro”, and continue to do so with multiple battery packs! Large, realistically threaded monster tires provide loads of traction on rough surfaces, eg. roads/tarmac, sand, cement walk paths etc.


GoolRC C12 Off-Road RC Car has very small design 380 * 270 * 150mm and weight only 1244g (battery included).design and the finish looks glossy.

Build & Features

GoolRC C12 Off-Road RC Car is well built, the top is removable shell cover with some good vinyl design and the finish looks glossy. the bottom houses all the motors, escs, suspension and wheels, along with the battery compartment. there is a good room for a bigger lipo’s if you would like to upgrade from the stock 6.4V 1000mAh battery!The big rubber wheels seem to be tough and durable, though I did not have a chance to drive it on mud and rock surfaces, the car seems to be doing good on drive roads and indoor floors.

Easy To Use

This GoolRC C12 Off-Road RC Car has the ability to reach speeds of up to 35KM/h! Featuring independently working front and rear suspension and damping tires the GoolRC C12 Off-Road RC Car has the ability to drive over a variety of terrain including gravel and grass. However, do not think this RC buggy is only good for off-roading because this bad boy can battle it out on and off the road with the rear differential ensuring good handling. The protective shell with large front and rear bumper make this model more durable and able to better sustain crashes.


The remote is a reasonable standard of GoolRC C12 Off-Road RC Car with a jog wheel for steering and trigger for forwarding and backward movements. There is also a trim adjustment knob for any hard hits, which might make the car lose its wheel alignment. Trimming can be done with the adjustable dial knob to make sure your car goes in right direction.but for me this was not required out of the box, C12 drew well.


The battery compartment at the back houses the 6.4v 1000mah lipo battery measuring 55 * 37 * 18mm with JST connector. With the provisioned wall charger, the complete charge cycle took about an hour, while the run time was almost 10 plus minutes.if you are not driving this car aggressively with some drifts.


If you are Looking for a fun, easy and safe car for your little kids, undoubtedly GoolRC C12 Off-Road RC Car 1/24 2.4G High-Speed 25km/h 2WD Radio Remote Control Monster Truck car will be a great option! It has got good front wheel suspension with 2.4G radio control to enable actions like racing forward or backward, turning left or right.Durable off-road tires have high performance on a variety of surfaces. And it is built with 1000mAh battery for up to 10 minutes of run time.GoolRC C12 Off-Road RC Car is available on RCMOMENT in just 51.99USD after using this coupon code LOVE15.


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