GoPro Announces New Fusion Panoramic VR Camera To Take 5.2K Video


GoPro can be regarded the best brand in sports cameras, right now they not only produce action camera, but also VR camera. Today GoPro announces a new panoramic VR camera-GoPro Fusion.

This GoPro Fusion has compact design, which can be used with GoPro accessories. It is easy to carry, designed for VR or non-VR video content. It has a 5.2K Spherical camera which can shoot 5.2 K video at 30fps. GoPro CEO Nicholas Woodman has also announced that Fusion can take photos at the same time with every angle. Namely, it looks like you can take photos with 6 GoPro action camera.

But we need to know that GoPro Fusion is not a common product for consumers, but also aiming at commercial market, right now the price of GoPro Fusion has not announced. It is said the first batch can be ordered in this Summer. Are you excited?



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