GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 Action Sports Camera Review Sponsored By @TOMTOP (Coupon Inside)


Compact and light, the GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 is capable of falling from a high altitude, and if placed in a special sealed case from the package, additional opportunities for underwater shooting and the ability to remain operational after falling into the snow will open.

The camera is designed to shoot video in HD and Full HD formats at up to 60 frames per second, plus it can make 5-megapixel pictures, and it has a front panel display for displaying the level of charge, the current shooting mode and the level of memory fullness.Its size is 10.4×10.2×24.7 cm, while it is worth noting that it is waterproof and can be used in water at up to 40 meters deep.

This GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 is perfect for those of you who want to record videos on the go and immortalize all your activities and especially videos about extreme sports or other activities in adverse conditions. It can record video (mp4 / H.264) 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps and supports taking snapshots in burst mode (10 photos in 2 seconds).then you can see them on TVs in a very high-quality living room without any problems. All this can be stored on the microSD card (up to 32GB support), which has a housing inside the chassis.GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 weighs only  111g / 3.9oz, along with a  3.8V 1180mA Lithium Polymer Battery and all accessories from GoPro cameras and third-party manufacturers fit into it, allowing you to choose between several dozen bindings to anything you can. To record video in GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 memory cards microSD class10 or UHS-I are used.


Dedicated to young people and those who want to get closer to the world of video cameras, it is able to capture video and photos from captivating and breathtaking perspectives, a feature that has made GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 the world’s best-selling video camera.GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 is Available on TOMTOP at just $60.88 using Coupon Code: HTY6GPN, (Use a coupon and 220 Points to enjoy the Price).

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11.20 11.30 GoPro Hero Action Camera $ 61.08 HTY8GF 500

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