GoPro Hero5 Leaks Built in Touch Screen and GPS, Lighter, Thinner


It’s known to all that GoPro is the most successful action camera brand in the world currently, now there is the latest news about GoPro Hero 5, it has not only approved by US FCC, but also built in GPS function. In addition, the whole body will be thinner and lighter.


Meanwhile, according to Reddit, there is a video uploaded by Konrad-iturbe about Hero 5 to show its introduction. And it claims it will support touch screen design, and in function, it will enhance GoPro Sniper.  The FCC also stated that GoPro Hero5 will also support WIfi, bluetooth low energy, and run 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz dual bands.


As for GoPro hero 5 release date, we haven’t got the exact news, but Gopro has promised it will go public this year. Until now, GoPro Hero 4 Black sells at 3998 yuan in China, around $666, which can shoot up to 4K 30 fps. So we believe GoPro Hero 5 will have better photographing and higher price.




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