GoPro Omni Shows strong 360-degree footage on the Ski Slopes


A common way to capture  360 degree virtual reality (VR) picture is to use many GoPro action cameras. This manufacturer has released GoPro Omni VR with this concept. GoPro is now officially released Omni VR , the first shot on the ski slope. Because they know how to make best use of the camera when skating.

The highlight of the video is for Jesper Tjader, a famous freestyle skiing athletes from Sweden and Halldor Helgason, a skiing athletes from Iceland. They bring Gopro Omni to climb the top of Serfaus Fiss Ladis from  Austrian tyrol region, alpine ski resort, which is the best place to show this device with 6 cameras, it is composed of Hero4 cameras, and the footage is  completed by Mettle’s Skybox tool, which is a 360 degrees VR device used for After Effects.


After watching this video, you will experience a very relaxed process first.That is to say, it is at slower speed than the general sliding speed along the slope. It will leap into a beautiful display and bold skill reverse soon. When the viewer looked around to see other athletes jumping,  the camera will capture the snowflakes around.


Gopro Omni VR will sell at 4199.99 pounds, including 6 hero cameras and software, which is considered as a top professional solution to capture, suture and release high resolution contents and immersive virtual reality. Another option is to buy only equipment and the software, not to bring a camera, this costs 1299.99 pounds. Now you can book Gopro Omni VR 360 degree equipment  and it is expected to ship on August 19th.

Watch GoPro VR Omni introduction video:


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