GPD is Developing a New Win Max Handheld: Equipped With AMD R7 5800U


GPD is developing a new gaming handheld, equipped with AMD’s latest R7 5800U processor, and the model may be Win Max 2. At the end of February, the world’s first slider candy bar handheld GPD WIN 3 to play mainstream 3A games was on pre-sale. In terms of parameters, GPD WIN 3 is equipped with an 11th-generation Tiger Lake-U series processor, equipped with LPDDR4x 4266 memory, and a PC-level turbo fan + dual heat pipes for heat dissipation.

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In terms of design, GPD WIN3 is equipped with a 5.5-inch sunscreen, 268 PPI, H-IPS technology, the 5th generation Corning Gorilla Glass, NTSC: 84% (type), DC dimming. The handle uses dual vibration motors, which are officially called ALPS dual 3D joysticks comparable to Japan’s top Shimizu and Sanhe joysticks. It natively supports pressing down to achieve the L3/R3 function; the trigger button L2/R2 uses analogue signals for the first time.

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