GPD Pocket 2 Gamepad Tablet PC Review: A Pocket Laptop-Transformer(Coupon Included)


The GPD Pocket 2 Gamepad Tablet PC is a tiny Windows laptop (or maybe it’s a palmtop) with a  7-inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel touchscreen display, an Intel® Core™ m3-7y30 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of eMMC storage. GPD ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the tiny computer earlier this year and it was a sell out as over .5 million was realized in funding. Perhaps, you don’t like spending money on a device that won’t ship for months, now is the time to get it in just a few days time.


The GPD Pocket 2 Gamepad Tablet PC has a unibody machined magnalium design, Fits in Your Pocket Easily.  Wherever you are, whenever you want, you can pull out GPD Pocket 2 from your pocket or purse and start working right away. It comes with a built-in Optical Finger Navigation, you can operate with one finger for 360-degree rotation and movement anywhere. It can also replace direction key. The effect is comparable to the optical mouse. GPD Pocket 2 supports touchscreen and the built-in multi-touch function makes it even more convenient. The keyboard has been ergonomically designed to ensure ease of use. Each keycap is independent of the others, and with their large surface area, they offer an improved contact area between fingertip and keycap.


GPD Pocket 2 uses the same Intel® Core™ m3-7y30 processor as the new Surface Pro. With 14nm fabrication, ultra-low voltage, low power consumption, 99.76MHz bus speed, 4GT/s OPI, the data transmission speed can read a peak of 4×10^9 times per second. This chipset is paired by an 8GB memory can help games and programs run smoothly because of fast read and write speed. 128GB is enough for you entertainment data storage.


The biggest advantage of the GPD Pocket 2 is its active cooling design. All the most popular ultra-thin laptops on the market do not use active cooling, leading to fast frequency-reduction once the processor hits thermal limits. The GPD Pocket 2 features a unique “one-button fan mute” mode which is a great boon for those who are sensitive to noise. You can work quietly or enjoy videos without system noise interfering with your experience. GPD Pocket 2 supports fast charging based on the PD 2.0 protocol, it can be charged to half full in 30 minutes. Two USB A ports and one Micro SD card slot allows you to expand the storage to 2.4TB. It also supports Micro SDXC cards. As tested, the read speed of a SanDisk 128GB Micro SD card was measured to be up to 88MB/s, and the write speed was up to 57MB/s.

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Update on March 11, 2019

Start Date Product Name Link on Coupon Final Prices Limited Qty Expiry Date
2019-03-11 GPD Pocket 2 Gamepad Tablet PC Intel Core m3-7Y30 VTWFHFAG $735.99 100 2019-04-11

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