GPD WIN 3 Gamepad Will Be Released Soon to Play 3A Games at 60 Frames


According to the official GPD handheld game console, GPD WIN 3, the world’s first Windows 10 straight board handheld game console, will be released soon and can play the latest AAA game at 60 frames.

GPD WIN 3 is the most detail-polished handheld game console GPD has ever produced. According to the officials, it can run the latest AAA game titles, most of which can run with medium effects and 60 frames.

In terms of configuration, GPD WIN 3 is equipped with 11 generations of Tiger Lake-U processors, equipped with LPDDR4x 4266 memory, and PC-level turbofan and dual heat pipe for heat dissipation.

In terms of design, GPD WIN 3 is equipped with 5.5-inch sunshine screen, 268 PPI, H-IPS technology, 5th generation Corning Gorilla glass, NTSC: 84%(TYP), DC dimming. The controller is powered by a dual vibratory motor, which is officially described as a ALPS twin-3D pad which is comparable to Japan’s top shimizu, ALPS and ALPS rocker. It supports L3 / R3 function by pressing down. The trigger L2 / R2 button USES analog signals for the first time.


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