Grab ANBERNIC RG351P Retro Game Console at Just $98.99


Thanks to the ANBERNIC RG351P Retro Game Console, you can enjoy all the retro games of your childhood anywhere. The new system is a lot of fun and the games we can use again provide an unbelievable variety.

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The quality of materials is good enough for intensive use and to avoid damage from small bumps (although it undoubtedly lags behind the beautiful metal versions of the manufacturer), and even a small rubber surface on the back that can be felt is appreciated. Better to the contact of the fingers before uses for long periods. A volume wheel on its side frame, a slot for microSD card expansion on the bottom frame and the classic 3.5mm headphone jack on top , plus USB-C ports for recharging and OTG for accessory compatibility.


The 3.5-inch screen (320×480) is very well made and offers perfect visibility regardless of the degree of inclination. However, I find that its overflow takes up a little too much space.and that it could have been sacrificed in favor of a slightly larger screen. Especially since some games don’t run in full screen, but that’s a detail.


As for the hardware, the Anbernic RG315P console is equipped with a 4 x 1.5GHz ARM RK3326 processor, an ARM Mali-G31 graphics card and 1 GB of RAM . It’s more than enough to play the games of our childhood and it even allows you to run 3D games that are not too greedy.


Likewise, two USB Type-C ports have also been integrated above, which on the one hand enable the 3500mAh battery to be charged and can also serve as an OTG interface, for example for other controllers. The volume control is on the side, below is the micro SD slot and the reset button. Otherwise, depending on the software/emulation, the integrated vibration motors are supported.


The Nintendo DS emulation is also possible, but here the gaming experience also varies greatly with the respective game. 3D games like Need For Speed ​​Underground 2 don’t really play smoothly, but that may also be due to the fact that it wasn’t often the case in the original. Super Mario Kart DS, for example, runs much smoother.

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Buy ANBERNIC RG351P on AliExpress


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