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The Fimi brand was released new drone in 2021, the Fimi X8 Mini Drone. As its name suggests, it is a small foldable drone that has almost the same characteristics as its flagship model the Fimi X8 SE, but with a pocket size and a weight under 250 grams.

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In any case, the drone has a nice aesthetic and lifting it is really not bulky. Considering in fact that it is a foldable drone, its dimensions go from 200 x 145 x 56 mm from open to 145x85x56 mm when closed, with the rear arms that open and close horizontally and not through a rotation. Fimi x8 mini is palm-sized and lets you feel free to fly, wherever you are. Use its various shooting modes to capture unique moments from the sky.


The FIMI X8 Mini has been advertised as an economical drone in the range under 250 grams of weight, but this result is only achieved by using the PRO battery (with which it weighs 245 grams), At the moment the only battery available is the standard one, with which the drone weighs 258 grams , so to fly in order you need the A1-A3 certificate of competence. That said, the standard battery of the FIMI X8 Mini is a lithium-ion battery , weighs 102 grams and fits convincingly into the back of the drone, but can also be recharged on its own, in fast charging mode with USB type- cable.


The camera of the Fimi X8 Mini drone incorporates a 1/2.6″ CMOS sensor from Sony with an 80° FOV (field of view) lens, a fixed aperture at f/2.0 and a 26mm equivalent focal length. Thanks to it, the drone is capable of filming in 4k at 30 fps with a bit rate of 100 Mbps. It is also equipped with a stabilization system in 3 mechanical axes, which makes it possible to avoid any tremors. You can also orient the camera from 0 to 90 ° in full flight thanks to the wheel of the remote control.

Remote Control

The radio control is made of plastic and has a conformation of those that either love or hate; with the smartphone positioning itself in the center, opening and widening the sides of the controller. The cable that connects the remote control to the smartphone is positioned on the right side and disappears inside a special recess of the controller, but in this way it remains dangling without the possibility of being wrapped and can be annoying especially when the smartphone is not inserted in it. It is therefore advisable to detach it for greater convenience.

Three-Axis Gimbal

The Fimi X8 Mini combines an extremely lightweight three-axis mechanical gimbal with the latest professional algorithm that provides the highest precision down to 0.005°. Its great performance ensures stable recordings with amazing effects.


Some of the other smart features include auto return mode, geofencing mode, GPS-based tracking, and more. In order to realize a precise landing process, the X8 Mini is also equipped with a downward-facing camera. In a single charge, the battery is claimed to last up to about 30 minutes of air time.


The Fimi X8 SE can directly connect to a device via Wi-Fi without the need for a controller. High bandwidth, low latency and high-frequency 5.8GHz signal ensure live HD image transmission up to 100m. Record anything that catches your eye at any time without losing valuable time.

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