Grab in Flash Sales from TomTop the most important gadget for your car – The Xiaomi 2 in 1 Roidmi Bluetooth 4.0 Charger


Xiaomi is a company that has created gadgets and accessories for every aspect of our life. The company has gadgets for our home, for our house, for our car. Here comes the Roidmi , a Bluetooth 4.0 Charger, that can charge 2 devices at the same time and make your car stereo a media player and many more.

The usual problem that almost all car charger have, is the amount of A that can give. I have charger, that when connected to the mobile in use, to help me navigate in town , the percentage of the battery not only doesn’t rise, but slightly decreases, as if I didn’t have a car charger at all. With the Roidmi car charger this is a past though, a memory from the back.

The Xiaomi Roidmi gives a 3.1 A. The amperage is divided into to the two ports that features. The one port can give up to 2.1A and other can give up to 1A. So you can give the first port to charge quickly your mobile and the other to sustain in life devices as a dash cam or any other low ampere device like a USB fan. In addition to this, the two ports are also illuminated with a blue LED when is inserted in the lighter’s port.

Ok, so the Roidmi can charge up to two devices together. What else can do and is that important gadget for your car!? Well, Roidmi has two more functions to show, a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, and an FM transmitter. To be more exact, Roidmi uses the BT 4.0 connection with your mobile and play music from your phone throught the car stereo. This is something that is although unnecessary because many cars have an auxiliary connection or a Bluetooth system. But for those who are deprived of this technology in their cars, for them, Xiaomi Roidmi will be really useful.

In order to do that, you have to use the Roidmi app and your car must be compatible with the Roidmi. Below you can see which models are compatible and what kind of car charger you must have in order not to have problem

So if you are searching for a reliable car charger, which can give and extra features, Roidmi is the answer. You can find it in flash sales at TomTop for some more hours at the amazing price of 11.99$!!!


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