Grab The 9S+ Arcade Console 2020 in 1 Arcade Games Console For Just $125.99 (Flash Sale)


9S+ Arcade Console is the latest version of the two-person interactive game console. Built-in 2020 games, no need to re-download, no need to re-set. It can be connected to a television, computers, game consoles, projectors to play games.

Buy 9S+ Arcade Console from TOMTOP

Acrylic panels with a metal body, greatly extend the service life. Buttons through special techniques to extend the service life while giving users better gaming experience. Built-in speakers, no additional audio playback devices, immersive bring a better gaming experience. Both to bring nostalgic childhood memories of adults can bring children a novel gaming experience too.

9S+ Arcade Console supports two players to enjoy the games at the same time, offering users a real arcade experience. Built-in 2020 arcade games allow you to return to the fun of childhood, wake your memory up. 9S+ Arcade Console Supports VGA & HD Output with max. 1280 x 720 output resolution. When connecting to a computer via USB port, the console works as a gamepad only. 9S+ Arcade Console Compatible with all HDTV, PC, for PS3, monitor, projector and so on. Just plug and play. Players can custom the button order for their own needs, thus getting a better gaming experience.

9S+ Arcade Console Supports game pause function. Press the PAUSE button on the console to suspend the game but not lose the game progress. 9S+ Arcade Console Using the favorite list function, you can add your favorite games to the “favorite game list” which is showing on the home page. You can quickly search the game you like, and hide the games you want to hide when in no need. Languages can be freely switched between English, Chinese and Korean.

9S+ Arcade Console Compatible with all HD TV screen and PC. With 1080 x 720 HDMI/VGA full definition output, the resolution of output will be larger than the other version of the arcade game machine. These new technologies from our Arcade Console HDMI will bring you a wonderful audio-visual experience. You can buy it from TOMTOP at $125.99 in Flash Sale

Buy 9S+ Arcade Console from TOMTOP


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