Grab the BEZIOR X500 Pro Electric Bike at €932.99 From TOMTOP in Flash Sale


The BEZIOR X500 Pro electric bike is foldable and a practical mountain bike. You can comfortably use it for home, office, or outdoor adventures. The best quality budget electric bike of 2021? This stylish lithium-ion folding mountain bike, the BEZIOR X500 Pro, is the one for you. Powered by a powerful 500W motor that ensures a speed of 30KM and can provide tours of up to 100km with a little pedaling per part. of the user. On top of all that, it consists of a Shimano gearbox and a fairly effective suspension system.

Although it is a folding bicycle, the peculiarity of this BEZIOR X500 Pro is certainly the dimensional data; it is not a mini bicycle, but a full-fledged mountain bike, complete with an aluminum frame. When folded, it has however small dimensions of 100 x 95 x 45cm, which make it easily transportable. When in operation, however, it has dimensions of 85-90 x 185 x 105cm, therefore equal to any full-size bicycle. Even the wheels are obviously those of a typical mountain bike, with a size of 26 * 1.95, therefore absolutely suitable for any type of route, even for rough roads.

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In total, the electric bike weighs about 23 kilograms and allows you to carry a weight of up to 200 kg, therefore much higher than that of small electric bicycles. If anything becomes clear to us when looking at the BEZIOR X500 Pro, it is that it is not your typical electric bike designed only for urban environments, instead, we are dealing with a full-fledged mountain bike, complete with an aluminum frame and 26-inch wheels, making it suitable for any type of terrain. It should be noted that the frame has resistance to corrosion, rust, and also to water, and dust, not in vain it receives the IP54 certification. According to the manufacturer, it can be walked in the rain without problems.

Inside BEZIOR X500 Pro is a 500 W brushless motor; also in this case far superior to that of many other foldable mini bikes; which are able to push up to a maximum speed of 30km / h; also allowing you to tackle climbs with a gradient of 30. degrees. The bike, among other features, enjoys IP54 certification and has a standard for charging of 48V 3A. The battery, by the way, has a large capacity of 10.4AH, which recharges in about 4-6 hours. On the handlebar, on the other hand, there is a large 5-inch LCD display; which provides the main information relating to the journey.

The bike features a 30km/h max speed, adjustable seat height; and collapsible design, this electric bike is very convenient for commuting Delivered from Germany Warehouse with Free Shipping. Finally, BEZIOR X500 Pro is also a bike that can be folded quickly, so you can fold it away for storage and easily put it in the trunk of your car. You can buy it from TOMTOP at €932.99 (Inclusive of VAT) in Flash Sale.

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