Grab The KOSPET Prime 4G Smartwatch For Just $149.99 at TOMTOP (Flash Sale)


The Kospet Prime is a standalone smartwatch running a customized Android 7.1 OS. It is one of the latest devices released by Kospet, along with the Kospet Vision. Its customized version of Android gives the user full access to the Google Play Store and most of the functions of a smartphone in a smartwatch.

Buy KOSPET Prime 4G Smartwatch from TOMTOP

The Kospet Prime is a repackaged and upgraded version of previous smartwatches on the market. It looks very similar to the Kospet Optimus Pro and the Zeblaze Thor 5 Dual in terms of the design. This version has 2MP front-facing camera flanked by two large physical buttons giving it a classy/sporty look. The Prime features a 1.6″ IPS display running at a 400*400 resolution and weighs 83g.

Additionally, the Kospet Prime has an 8MP side-facing camera and there is a nano sim card slot, heart-rate monitor, and 4-pin connection for charging and transferring data on the back. Kospet claims 3 days of usage on a single charge but it will depend on your usage. You can extend the battery life by using the battery saving feature and by watching how many apps you install – especially social media apps that use push notifications.

The Kospet Prime has the MediaTek 6739 processor clocked at 1.25Ghz and a 1260mAH battery. The MTK6739 is an energy-efficient chip that runs all modern full Android smartwatches. However, the 1260mAH battery is one of the largest we’ve seen in a watch. Devices like the LEM 11 have a 1200mAH battery, but it’s designed to be more of a handheld media player instead of a wristwatch.

The Kospet Prime has 3GB of ram and 32GB, and Kospet just released the Prime SE with 1GB/16GB. Navigation is fluid no very little lag if any. Prime is one of the first smartwatches to feature facial unlock and it works very well and it’s much faster since the latest firmware update. Its waterproof rating is IP67 “Life Waterproof”, meaning it is safe from sweat and rain. Submerging it will cause severe damage.

The Kospet Prime has a 4G LTE radio unlocked for any GSM carrier. Check below to see if your area supports the bands. In the United States, T-mobile, AT&T, Cricket, and MetroPCS work fine. Bluetooth 4.0 is also available for using headphones or sending and receiving files, however, there is no Bluetooth calling with any Android 7.1.1 devices due to Google’s restrictions. GPS is available and works excellent with Google Maps, Uber, Yelp, as well as the built-in fitness applications provided by Kospet.

The Kospet Prime uses the WiiWatch 2 companion app is used to pair with your smartwatch but pairing restricts some capabilities. If you have a separate number, you can respond to text messages and notifications. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $149.99 in Flash Sale

Buy KOSPET Prime 4G Smartwatch from TOMTOP


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