Grab the OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi Wired Over Ear Headphones at Lowest Price with Up To 20% OFF


OneOdio focuses on designing and producing high-quality headphones with great superior sound quality and advanced aesthetic design. OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi is a professional over-ear headphone that has superb sound quality. It has big housing and powerful 50mm Neodymium drivers deliver the high fidelity sound. Clean and impactive bass. Bright treble without distorted, never too loud or piercing. They create a very full sound for all types of music – from rock to country to classical.

OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi is a comfortable headphone that can be worn even for long working sessions. It gets soft paddings on the head strap and the earmuffs. Both are cover with smooth leather, making it top-notch both in comfort and noise isolation. The headband Filled with memory-protein cotton can stretch to the size you want. The ear shell is engineered to tilt at 15 degrees and soft elliptical earmuffs fit your ear’s natural geometry to fully wraps your ears and get any pressure off my ears to ensure comfortable and tight&prevent music leaks and isolate noise, avoiding you from distractions.

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OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi comes with two audio cables, the different sizes on either end. The 3.5mm audio jack makes it easy to make calls or daily use by iPhone,iPad, laptop. The 6.35mm cord-makes it the only cable you’ll need for any setup without using adapters. Dual 6.35mm and 3.5mm detachable AUX input enable easy, universal compatibility with different types of devices, you will hear two different sound simultaneously by accomplishing with the PC and piano, Electronic Keyboards and Smartphones, guitar and iPad. Take it to your studio, using them to monitor audio for a live stream. Widely compatible for your keyboard/piano/guitar/amplified instruments/ vocal microphone.

Carefully tuned and tested for the most natural sound, which will help instruments and vocals sound more life-like. Ensure that the high notes are not distort as well, ideal for casual listening, music production, recording, monitoring, mixing. Get the impactful bass and clarity out of the 50mm neodymium drivers, the high never too loud or piercing. Create a full sound you will hear nuances in music like never before through the OneOdio wired headphones. Pair your OneOdio Studio Hi-Fi via audio 3.5mm audio cable and share your tunes through the audio coiled cable! Then you can share your favorite music and videos with your family or friends. You can buy it from AMAZON, Add to cart by using this link then can enjoy 20% off directly.


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