Grab The PANDORA 6S+ Arcade Console Game Box Machine 2020 in 1 For $139.99


A video game console can be the perfect entertainment that you were looking for to decorate the room and the PANDORA 6S+ Arcade Console Game Box Machine 2020 in 1 will take home hours and hours of fun.

This panel with the design alluding to the famous saga of fighting games, STREET FIGHTER, remember the controls of the old arcades with an improvement in the experience and the stability of its performance. But it is not only for its exterior appearance that transmits us nostalgia, but it is also has a Built-in 2020 arcade games allow you to return to the fun of childhood, wake your memory up.

It’s manufactured with a Top class chipset and modern hardware components, are designed to make the minimum consumption of resources and offer a truly interactive experience through its Android operating system, which allows you to play with just connect the panel and select your fun among the 2020 gaming options.

It comes with two arcade sticks, and 6 buttons to each stick, for two players to play. And in addition, this design ensures a super high definition resolution adapted to the new TV models, with a high-quality video and sound effect. It supports VGA & HD & USB Output with max. 1280*720 output resolution. Compatible with all HD TV, PC, for PS3, monitor, projector and so on. Just plug and play.

The PANDORA 6S+ Arcade Console Game Box Machine 2020 in 1 is currently available on TOMTOP for just $139.99 and is Delivered by Duty Free Shipping 


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