Grab The Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer For Just $49.99 at Banggood (Coupon)


Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal is a great device for all virtual life believers. It promises to be an accessory that helps you capture great moments through your photos, videos, and family. Not only is it a normal selfie stick, but Xiaomi Yuemi One also comes with a tripod to help users get sparkling photos anytime without disturbing people.

Buy Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal From Banggood

Besides, the stick is also made from durable materials, super light with the ability to expand, Maximum Stretching Length up to 420 ± 10mm with remote control via Bluetooth connection extremely modern. Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal has a fairly compact and flexible design. Specifically, the overall structure of the stick only 40 x71 x 190mm is suitable for holding or pocket when you carry when outside. The maximum extension length of the stick up to 420 ± 10mm can be customiz to help widen the shooting angle to meet the needs of shooting in all different situations.

In addition, not only is a selfie stick, but Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal is also an extremely stable tripod. 3 feet stand designed well fixed, easy to expand and fold extremely flexible. Therefore, you only need to bring Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal with a smartphone to create great photos by yourself, save all the moments with your family and friends. The entire Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal is finishing from high-quality plastic and aluminum alloy with extremely high durability.

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Moreover, these materials are also extremely gentle. The weight of the stick is the only 229g so it will not create pressure. Causing hand fatigue for users during use. Specifically, the handle and grip are machines in plastic. Good fixed does not cause vibration even with the widening of the maximum length. The joints, the clip of the smartphone are also finishing well, smoothly. The opening and closing operations of the user are also more flexible.

Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal for stable connectivity through modern Bluetooth technology, allowing users to control the device remotely at a distance of 10m extremely stable. The remote control is mounted directly on the stick body is quite small, easy to manipulate. Bluetooth standard for good compatibility with most operating systems ranging from iOS to Android. We can buy it from Banggood at $49.99 by using Coupon Code: BGYM002

Buy Xiaomi Yuemi One-Axis Gimbal From Banggood


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