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Xiaomi has launched many products in the field of smartwatches, one of these lovely products is called the Xiaomi Mibro Lite smartwatch. This smartwatch is a suitable product for daily use and exercise and supports more than 15 different sports modes. The battery of this smartwatch keeps the device on for up to 30 days, and it monitors the user’s heart rate 24 hours a day and even monitors the amount of sleep.

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In general, we should mention that this Xiaomi smartwatch is designed very thin and a high-quality metal alloy is used to make it. This product is also light in weight and its weight reaches only 48 grams. For this reason, the Xiaomi Mibro Lite smartwatch does not cause fatigue on the user’s wrist and is completely comfortable. The straps made for the Xiaomi Mibro smartwatch are silicone, and therefore have very little weight and convey a great sense of comfort to the users. This has made you able to use this product for long hours. The strap of this smartwatch is replaceable and you can get other straps in different colors for the Xiaomi Mibro Lite smartwatch.


The highlight of the Mibro Lite is the AMOLED panel. It measures 1.3 inches, is round, and has an HD resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. Compared to other smartwatches in this price range, the colors should therefore be displayed more clearly. Thanks to higher brightness, readability outdoors should also be better, while the AMOLED technology ensures increased energy efficiency.


This Xiaomi smartwatch supports Bluetooth 5 and you will not have any problems while using it. This watch is compatible with phones that have Android 5 and above, and it is also compatible with iPhones that have iOS 10 and above. To be able to use this product better, you must also install the Mibro Fit application on your phone. Of course, we must say that this smartwatch does not have GPS and always uses the phone to find your position.

Sports Mode

Mibro Lite can track all your sports and health data when you run, walk, cycle, use the elliptical machine, or when do free or weight training exercises. It is also able to track your data while hiking, yoga, basketball, tennis, badminton, and even football. But no swimming, despite its IP68 rating.

Health Mode

Mibro Lite has a SpO2 sensor to detect blood oxygen saturation, a very important parameter to know if you are healthy. It can help you learn more about your sleep quality, and even analyze it to give you tips to help you sleep better. And Measures your heartbeat whether during your workouts or while you sleep.


Mibro Lite uses a 230 mAh battery that can work for up to 15 hours. Of course, if the heart rate sensor is always active and the notifications are on, the battery can only keep this watch on for seven days. Of course, the charging time for this product is not long at all. You can charge it and exercise for 2 hours.

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