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Xiaomi surveillance Xiaomi YI Indoor Dome U Pro 2K Camera surveillance camera comes with a cylindrical appearance and 360 degree rotation capability. The 3 megapixel sensor of this camera offers 2K video quality and 20 frame rate. The ability to connect wirelessly and install on the ceiling and night vision are among the outstanding features of this model.

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The Xiaomi YI Dome U Pro surveillance camera has a very attractive and modern design. This camera is completely designed in black color and its basic form factor makes it possible to place the camera on different surfaces. One of the most attractive features of this surveillance camera is the ability to rotate its lens horizontally and vertically, which provides a wide view.

The dimensions of the camera are 76.2 x 76.2 x 127 mm and the camera body is made of ABS plastic. The use of high-quality plastic has made the weight of the camera light and around 182 grams. Thanks to the smart design, it is possible to install it on a tabletop or on the ceiling, and the necessary screws are also provided with the product.


The Xiaomi YI Dome U Pro differs from the standard model for the presence of a 3 MP sensor that allows you to record high resolution videos (2304×1296 pixels) at 20 fps, with 4X digital zoom and 110 ° wide angle. In addition there is also the Panoramic mode, with the camera that will monitor the desired area at 360°, rotating by 20° every 10 seconds.

Motion Detection

The YI Dome Camera U Pro boasts, like its younger sister, an advanced motion detection system flanked by an innovative technology capable of recognizing human figures, which allows you to avoid false alarms caused, for example, by the passage of an insect or by the ‘switching on / off of lights. In addition, 6 infrared LED lights used in this camera, They emit infrared light with a wavelength of 940 nm, which enables the camera to film in total darkness.


This camera is also equipped with a facial recognition function capable of identifying the face of any intruders. Face that will be shown in the app menu dedicated to the videos of the detected movements. YI application with numerous settings available to manage the various camera functions (motion detection sensitivity, home and away mode, etc.). We also remember the possibility to receive notifications on the smartphone only during the selected hours of the day, the option to turn the camera off and on directly from the app and the programming of the operating time during the day.

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