Great Offline Hunting Games to Play Whenever & Wherever



Many people enjoy the adrenaline rush of blowing things up or stalking prey. I most certainly do. It’s a leftover instinct from back in the day when the man had to get out of his cave and hunt down a wild boar so his family could eat. This primal urge is still with us – whether we like to admit it or not. However, if we also want to be civilized human beings and not harm too many creatures on this Earth, we need to curb our violent instincts and behave. Or do we?

1. Pick games from trusted developers & never waste time on duds

A great way to channel one’s inner predator is to play hunting games on PC, tablet or smartphone. They are by far my favorite genre to indulge in. No living creature will be harmed in the process yet you will still get to live your fantasy as a mighty hunter out in the wild. This strategy has probably saved more deer and boar from being killed than the general public gives it credit for. You get all the excitement, minus the bloodshed. Opt for the most realistic hunting game you can find and you will not go wrong. I always go for titles released by top developers and will only occasionally dip into more niche apps when I notice them having a decent enough quantity of positive reviews. It helps me play only the best hunting games for PC, Android, and iOS.

2. Switch between different animals & surroundings to avoid monotony

The basic premise of the average sport hunting game is the same, no matter which title you pick. After a while, this can lead to a certain level of monotony. I know I often get tired of the typical North American forest and its inhabitants. Bear hunting games are fun but they will only take you so far. A great way to diversify your virtual wild hunt is to play games that will take you across the globe. The African savannah, the Russian taiga or Amazon rainforest can all bring an extra dose of excitement into your gaming. Such sniper animal hunting games will make for a rich visual experience and allow you to employ different strategies in catching a wide selection of animals.

3. Play hunting games offline & never depend on your proximity to a wifi router

I tend to travel a lot for work and don’t always have access to a fast internet connection. This can stand in the way of my gaming. I used to often have to wait for days until I could play my favorite jungle hunting games. Until I found great alternatives that do not require a steady connection, that is. I stumbled upon this great list of offline hunting games that you can play when there is no wifi in sight.

Excellent Hunting Games You Can Play Offline

Many of these are my personal favorite wild animal hunting games that I can enjoy for hours on end.


Hunting games are a great way to channel your inner predator without hurting a single living thing. I play them often and they can bring a great dose of excitement to an otherwise dull Sunday afternoon. I always choose the best titles, try to make my gaming diverse and interesting, and make sure that all of my games can be played offline – in case there is a power outage or I am far from the nearest wifi router. Try it out for yourself and – happy hunting!


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