Greece was voted as the Best MIUI Fan Club for the 2016!


Everyone that has a Xiaomi mobile or uses MIUI, I sure they know the forum. Is the main forum of the MIUI. Under the main forum, there are several fan clubs, which where created from fans, for their country. These are unofficial fan clubs, that help their local member mainly. Each year there is a contest of the Best MIUI Fan Club. This year the winner is the Greek MIUI fan club with double votes from the second one Fan Club.

The contest took place from Dec 26 — Dec 30, 2016. the winners where selected based on daily performance (60%, done by MIUI Official) and fan votes in this thread (40%, done by every voter). At the end there would be 3 winners that will win Redmi 4 + Mi Band 2 + Mi In-ear headphones + Mi VR Play + Mi Credits + Medal and more. In the contest took place 34 countries, from which the 1st place took Greece with 13695 votes, the 2nd place took Vietnam with 6473 votes and the 3rd place took Indonesia with 4733 votes.

The official result can be found here.  I’m really proud to be a member of this Fan Club and a moderator also. But let us see what does the Greek MIUI Fan Club does, let’s get to know it better.

Creator and owner of the Greek Xiaomi MIUI Fan club is Dimitrios Dagalidis, a big Xiaomi and MIUI Fan lover that created the meeting place of all Greek Xiaomi and MIUI lovers, the Greek Xiaomi-miui forum. MIUI_ART (this is his nickname), is helped to this difficult task by a team of Xiaomi-MIUI lovers, placed as co-admin, Smod and Mod, that try to help the 25077 members that the forum has, all day, every day for free! Except from that, The Greek Team makes special custom ROMs, that except from the usual translation of the ROM in Greek for each Xiaomi model and removal of any unwanted Chinese app, inserts special tweaks that makes the ROM much better and faster. This specially tweaked ROM is called XTRV-GTV and includes the following tweaks, created by the moderator Gkalen:

  • Kernel supporting init.d
  • Build.prop and init.d tweaks and scripts
  • Ram optimization scripts
  • Battery optimization scripts
  • 3way Power menu
  • Gps.conf tweaks
  • Sysctl tweaks
  • Some Smiui tweaked binaries
  • Sqlite optimizer
  • Apps zipalign at boot
  • Disabled HW acceleration
  • Change of the default theme

The XTRV-GTV of course includes many languages except from Greek, so if you want to try it out, you are welcome! The latest ROM you will find it at this LINK.

At the Greek Xiaomi-MIUI forum, you will find ALL Xiaomi apps that are originally in Chinese, translated by me- Maddoctor, in Greek and English, so they can be used from everybody.

There is also a specially made app for surfing around the forum, made by the moderator iAmLiakos.

And there are many more to see and to come.

So if you want to see our efforts from close and celebrate with us the winning of this contest, we wait you at our forum here.


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