Guide: How to make your Xiaomi Mi Band 2, “talk” to you!


Xiaomi Mi Band is one of the most known wearable with the second in line sales worldwide. Specially the Mi Band 2 is very well known and with many features. Don’t forget we had a giveaway before some months even here at with a Mi Band 2.

Mi Band started with the version 1, with no screen, just 3 leds, colorful, then appeared with only white leds, after that came Mi Band 1S that again had leds but could measure heart beating and now we are on 2, with a screen and all the previous features. Mi Band comes with the application Mi Fit, which unfortunately, is not as complete as some that you can find at play-store, having more features. Also there are differences between the Mi Fit installed from the play-store and the Mi Market. The second one doesn’t support Google Fit, when the first is not that updated as the Chinese version. As a moderator at forum, I’m in charge of translating all those apps that Xiaomi has, from Chinese or English to Greek. There is a special edition of the Mi Fit, based on the Chinese version, that doesn’t have anything Chinese in it, like weibo, etc, has more potentials and abilities from the original and can cooperate with Google Fit! Also this version can “talk to us”! What I mean by this,,,,this version can show on the display of the Mi band 2, except the usual data, who is calling us and who is sending to us SMS. So let us have a look at this version and then I’ll give you the link of the site to download this version.

The version of the application is the 2.2.12. This is the latest version that I have modded. If you are familiar with Mi Band, you will known that the application has 3 main pages. The first page shows step, sleep, heart beating and progress in loosing weight. The second page is what interest us. In this section of the app, we set how our Mi Band 2 will interact with our mobile. From there we can set

So the first thing you see in the image above is the existence of the Google Fit in a Chinese version of the app. Also there are missing programs like Weibo and QQ which are useless at least in the western world where I live. Choosing the More Option to see what is more we some some features for the first time

Most of the options mentioned in the image above exist in both versions, but the anti-theft exists only in the Chinese version. When this option is activated, if the mobile gets at a distance that cannot communicate with the Mi Band 2, the Mi Band starts to vibrate and will continue till it finds the mobile.

Except the anti-lost options, Mi Fit has so many feature to explorer. We will start with the first one, for incoming calls. Entering you will see that it has option for incoming calls, mi band 2 to vibrate and to show on the screen the name or the phone number of the person calling

As you can see their is an option to show on mi band’s 2 screen the name of who is calling ot the phone number if it is now known. This option exists almost two versions know. Do you know this?

Next at Mi Band Alerts you can set some apps, if they are updated, mi band 2 to alarm you. Normally the app can set up to 3 apps. The app here can update up to 30!

In case you receive an SMS, Mi Band 2 will alarm you pointing the name or the number of the sender.

Normally I said the china version doesn’t cooperate with Google Fit, but this version does, so you can join in the program.

There are also some other additional features, like Behavior tagging. There you can record your behavior in various activities, as seen in the photo below.

All these features can be found in the version 2.2.12. The firmware that Mi Band 2 has from this version of the app is

Now in order to make your Mi Band 2 to “talk” to you, who is calling you or who is sending you SMS, you must do the following

  1. First we must go to this page, log-in and at the hidden text that will now appear, we press the word 2.2.12 which is  in blue, underlined (is a link)
  2. We download the app, uninstall the old one we have and install this one
  3. We go to the Options -> Apps -> Mi Fit, we find it and we hard close it pressing the X button. After that we press for clearing cache and any other data that we can. You do not uninstall it.
  4. Now we go Options -> Extra Settings -> Language and we change it in Chinese.

Now we go to the first page….everything is in Chinese . We run Mi Fit and you will see an update at the firmware. If you have already installed the latest 2.2.13, which has a more updated firmware, you will have to downgrade first and then do the whole procedure. When the update finish, exit the app, change the language back to yours and now you should see who is calling you at your Mi Band 2.

In case you need to downgrade, in the page I showed you before, there is a special version of the Mi Fit, which will help you to downgrade. You find the link in the hidden text, in the beginning, at the second line. You install the version and it updates the firmware to a much lower. After that you install the version mentioned above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. The trick works and you can make Mi Band 2 help you very much!

Update on Sept.8, 2017
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