GWY Cobra V – Meet the King of the Goggles FPV (Coupon included)


The GWY Cobra V are the most amazing and superb Googles FPV you will find in the market.


The GWY Cobra V can control all those drones that run a FPV system. You will be feeling as if you are driving the drone from the cockpit. It is really amazing the feeling! The GWY Cobra V weights only 1730 mm and the product size is about 0.5750 kg


The GWY Cobra V features FPV googles with FPV fitment. The transmition is done at 5.8GHz, higher than the usual we see in controls specially with drones and that is for on interference. It also includes 40 channel coverage, so you won’t have any problems working with it ( including RaceBand ). The GWY has a built-in screen, with 854 x 480px. Don’t think this is a small resolution or a bad screen because in real life this means that we are speaking for a 72 inch virtual screen at 2m away. This is almost having a cinema in front of your eyes. Just imagine flying a drone and seeing through such a display! The Cobra can work in 0 – 45 Deg.C temperature. For power, it is charged through USB port easily. This means that you can even use a powerbank to charge it and continue working with it. Comes with three pairs of diopter lenses ( -2.0D, -4.0D, -6.0D ) so in case you have myopia, there is no need to wear glasses.


The GWY Cobra V is the most impressive and realistic FPV Google glasses I have ever seen. Really, controlling your FPV drone through it, makes flying a drone a whole new experience! I recommend you try. I have found it at Gearbest, so you can go over there and buy it now, you won’t regret it! Don’t forget to use and the coupon code GB9%, in order to have a price reduction by 9%!


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