H96 max 4G-64G TV Box Android 8.1 TV Box Offered for $67.49 & SAMSUNG 64GB Micro SD Card Offered For $22.39


The fever of the TV Boxes is here to stay. These small devices are capable of turning any television into a powerful machine with unlimited functions. Thanks to them it has been possible to go a little further in the entertainment field. Today we present the H96 Max, a TV Box that has the latest technology at a fairly low price. What are you waiting for to improve your entertainment experience?

The need to store our information has become a daily affliction. The size of the files is increasing, whether applications or multimedia content. Nobody wants to erase important photos or essential apps, but sometimes the internal storage of the devices is not enough. If you wish to expand your possibilities, LightInTheBox brings us a set of deals that we cannot miss. Whether you need just a little bit of storage or a large amount, come and discover the possibilities offered by the Samsung SD Card in its different presentations.


H96 max 4G-64G TV Box Android 8.1 TV Box

The H96 Max is one of the most colorful TV Boxes on the market. It has a somewhat elevated weight of 280 grams, but it is compensated thanks to its small dimensions of 9.80 x 9.80 x 2.40cm. So, in the end, we are dealing with a very portable device.

The H96 Max is built in plastic, but thanks to its design with side grips, it turns out to be quite resistant in its construction. The ports of the TV Box are located on the right and back side. The H96 Max is pure power when it comes to power. It has an RK3328 Quad-core processor with a Cortex-A53 core architecture that allows it to play all the 4K videos you want, as well as handle any application that is installed quite well. Accompanying this chip is a Mali-450 GPU unit and 4GB of DDR3 RAM, which guarantees very fluid multitasking.

The internal memory is 64GB, so you will not have to worry about running out of space to store your content. In any case, it can still be extended by the use of SD cards. Connectivity will not be a problem thanks to the different ports and wireless options that the H96 Max has. It has dual-band Wi-Fi compatibility and Bluetooth 4.0. Regarding wired connections, it has up to 4 USB ports, a tray for an SD card as mentioned previously, an HDMI port and a LAN cable connection port. As for the operating system, it is updated thanks to the presence of Android 7.1 from the factory, so you will find yourself working in a quite avant-garde ecosystem.

At this moment the H96 Max can be all yours thanks to a special offer on LightInTheBox. For a limited time, you can buy this great source of entertainment for only $67.49

SAMSUNG 64GB Micro SD Card

Before moving on to the capabilities of the Samsung SD Card, we have to say that the company has taken the protection of information very seriously. It is not nice that the card stops working after we have recorded so many things in it, and that is why the sd card has four types of protection. The first is water protection that allows it to stay up to 3 days under seawater (All thanks to the IPX7 and IEX 60529 certificate). The second guarantee it to operate in extreme temperatures between -25C° and 85C °. The third is very useful when traveling since the card will not be affected by the X-rays of the airports. Finally, you can stop worrying about the magnetic fields. We are dealing with a titan. The Samsung SD Card is a micro SD Card that has different capacity presentations. For this offer, we will be dealing with  64GB.

The Cards has read speeds of 100MB/s and writes speeds of up to 60MB/s for the 64GB version. This means that it can transfer a 3GB video to the computer in just 38 seconds. The cards are Class 10 U1 and Class 10 U3, which makes them ideal for playing Full HD videos and applications. However, we must say that Samsung recommends that if you want to store videos in 4K UHD, it is best to buy cards of 64GB or more, due to the load that these files generate. The card includes the corresponding SD adapter that allows it to be compatible with even more devices than it already is. As long as it has an SD slot and the device supports memories of the corresponding capacities, the Samsung SD Card will work.

As we mentioned before, the offer offered by LightInTheBox applies to different memory capacities so that you can buy the 64GB version at $22.39

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