Have You Used MIUI 8 Screen Recording Function?


Recently, MIUI official has announced that MIUI 8 adds screen recording function which makes mi fans very excited. Currently, Xiaomi MI3, Xiaomi MI4, Xiaomi MI5 and Xiaomi MI Note has added this kind of function, other models will support it soon.

According to MIUI, MIUI own screen recording software itself doesn’t need Root, supporting players’ explanation, users can choose screen resolution, screen clarity, FPS, touch points, physical button display and others freely.

In addition, when users need to record what games they are playing, it will set up sidewards, or if you need to introduce functions to others, you can set up in vertical screen, of course, it has auto mode to choose.

For example, the game, Glory of the King, when you record the screen, the button can be moved at random, it will not affect your operation. But we think you’d better put in the middle top of the screen, because the recording state will be transparent, and it will not affect your operation in vision. So have you tried this kind of function of MIUI 8 OS? What do you think of it?


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