Haylou RS3 LS04 Smartwatch Offered at $60.89 [Coupon Deal]


The Haylou RS3 LS04 smartwatch that is offered and which, not content with having an impressive autonomy of almost 3 weeks, is available at a very moderate price. What allow you to learn about the world of smartwatches without breaking the bank?

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Haylou RS3 LS04 Rather compact (5.05 x 4.34 x 1.25 cm) and light (46 grams), the Haylou RS3 is aesthetically very neat. With its interchangeable silicone strap (22 mm lug width) and its aluminum alloy case, this smartwatch inspires confidence. This smartwatch is made of a circular frame made of aluminum that is less than 1 cm thick. Daily use of this watch will not bother you due to its delicate design and weight of 46 grams. On the other hand, using high-quality and anti-allergy material will not cause allergies to your skin and will be suitable for any wrist size.


It leaves room for a large 1.2-inch round AMOLED screen capable of displaying a resolution of 390 x 390 pixels. It is also protected by the glass with curved edges adopting the 2.5D standard for better resistance to dust and shocks. Waterproof up to 5 ATM, the RS3 also incorporates two physical buttons that allow interaction with its proprietary mobile system.

Health and Sports

By purchasing the Haylou LS04 smartwatch, you will have a trainer for your 14 sports activities. Jogging, brisk walking, cycling, mountaineering, ropes, yoga, indoor running, bodybuilding, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, boating, outdoor swimming, and pool sports are covered by this smartwatch. The Halo RS3 smartwatch sports report is one of the most accurate and principled reports among wearable gadgets. The blood oxygen monitoring capability of SpO2 is the most advanced health-oriented function of the Hylo LS04 smartwatch.

A feature that is more common these days in high-end smartwatches and monitors is one of the most important aspects of body health. This physiological parameter of the respiratory cycle is performed by a sensor embedded under the body. The health-focused function of this smartwatch (Haylou RS3 Smartwatch) does not recognize day and night and monitors your condition 24 hours a day. With updated optical heart rate sensors and advanced algorithms, the device will alert you if your heart rate increases alarmingly.


Its lithium battery with a capacity of 230 mAh allows it to be kept on the wrist for 21 days in standby, up to 12 days in normal use, or for a maximum of 21 hours by constantly requesting the GPS. Because this is precisely one of the strong points of this smartwatch.


The Haylou RS3 keeps what went right on the Solar and improves on some features, like the tougher build, the Super AMOLED display, and in-water training modes. Its more traditional format can also be a differentiator for those looking for a more basic watch with a more casual and discreet style.

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Where To Buy

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Coupon Code: BG120985

Buy Haylou RS3 LS04 on Banggood


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