HAYLOU T16 Review – Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earbuds at $69.99 From Gearbest


HAYLOU T16 TWS Earbuds uses front and rear dual feedback sensitive microphones, which can actively eliminate environmental noise interference with a noise reduction depth of 35dB, allowing you to enjoy immersive audio even in noisy environments. In meetings, office, study, it can reduce background noise, highlight the user’s voice, and communicate more clearly and efficiently.

Buy HAYLOU T16 TWS Earbuds From Gearbest


The design of the Haylou T16 is more reminiscent of that of the GT series. We have a black button-shaped handset with the Haylou logo on the back. A single handset is 24 x 21 mm and fits into the 73.2 x 39.2 mm charging cradle. They are also suitable for a workout because their IPX5 water resistance protects them against sweat and water.

The Haylou T16 also supports the Haylou smartphone app. These are available for Android and iOS and offers some additional features. On the one hand, it enables popup pairing and the battery level is also displayed. Even if you can set the ANC mode via the headphones themselves, these are also available for selection in the smartphone app. It will also be possible to adjust the touch controls of the headphones to your preferences.

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Haylou promises a runtime of 6 hours without ANC. A total of 30 hours with the charging box is then. But if you already have ANC headphones, then, of course, you want to use the function. Due to the higher energy consumption, the runtime is reduced to just 4.5 hours. This makes the Haylou headphones not the weakest among the ANC in-ears, but there is definitely room for improvement. If you want to recharge the charging case, there are two ways to do this. One of them has a USB-C port, with which you can charge it via cable. In addition, Qi charging is also installed and you can charge it wirelessly.

The highlight of the headphones, however, is the active noise suppression. This should reduce ambient noise by up to 35 dB. There are a total of three modes to choose from. One is an ambient mode, where you hear voices in your environment amplified. Then there is an outdoor mode, which is primarily intended to filter out wind noise and is therefore suitable for running or cycling. The last mode is the correct ANC mode, which as we know it, reduces the ambient noise.


The HAYLOU T16 TWS Earbuds features Bluetooth 5.0 technology and an LDS laser antenna for a maximum transmission distance of 30 meters. Compared to Bluetooth 4.2 power consumption is lower, faster pairing, signal transmission is also more stable. We can buy it from Gearbest at $69.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy HAYLOU T16 TWS Earbuds From Gearbest


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