Hello Moto! Welcome Razr? History Round-Up of Motorola


In the era of functional mobile phones, the most impressive impressions were Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and Samsung. At that time, there was no 4G network. There was no such thing as a mobile phone. There was no resolution or pixel density on the screen. The function of the mobile phone only stays on the phone and texting. The mobile phone that can take pictures and listen to the WAP page can already be called a high-end mobile phone.

The 1st mobile phone of the old mother was purchased in 2003. It is a Motorola mobile phone. What kind of model is it? The old thing can’t be remembered. It’s only vaguely remembered. It’s a flip phone with a red shell. There is a narrow LCD screen on the flip cover, and the inner screen is a small color screen. It is such a mobile phone that the old road is full of countless joys.

But it is such an era of the most brilliant development of the function devices, everything has been completely subverted from the iPhone released by Apple.

On January 9, 2007, the first iPhone was officially released. The phone was originally available in 4GB and 8GB versions and sold for $499 and $599. Although Apple is not a smartphone, Apple is indeed changing the world.

In the same year, Google officially launched the Android system. These two big events in 2007 brought the mobile phone industry to a new guise the era of smartphones.

However, the four makers of the year, in the era of smartphones, Samsung and Sony are still moving forward, Nokia and Motorola have changed hands twice, basically have given up the mobile phone business. Motorola sold its mobile phone business to Google in 2011. However, Google seems to have no intention of Motorola’s mobile phone business. It just wants to win Motorola’s attractive patents. Three years later, Lenovo announced its wholly-owned acquisition of Motorola’s mobile business in 2014. At this point, Motorola has become a subsidiary of Lenovo.

Nokia, which has the same fate as Motorola, seems to be recovering its market influence. Nokia was too confident in the Saipan system during the enlightenment stage of the smartphone. After several tosses, Nokia finally missed the opportunity of smartphone development. The mobile phone business was acquired by Microsoft in 2013, but the new owner Microsoft failed to reverse Nokia’s decline. In May 2016, Microsoft sold the Nokia brand to HMD and Foxconn, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Group, for manufacturing.

During the period of acquisition by HMD, Nokia has regained a certain market share at home and abroad with several new series of mobile phones and replica classic products. Nokia’s re-enactment of classic products is very beneficial for Nokia brand phones to regain market share. Nokia can re-enact the classic product rebirth, then why does Motorola not re-enact the classic products and pull back the fans of the functional machine era?

In the old way, the classic style of replicating is definitely a very smart approach, but it is indeed difficult in practice.

First of all, Nokia and Motorola are both self-contained auras. Nokia dominated the market in the era of feature machines. According to a set of ancient data from foreign media AndroidAuthority, Nokia also occupied nearly 40% of the market in 2008, and after the Android, mobile phone camp began to force, to 2009. In the year, the four major brands of the functional devices, except Samsung, experienced a different degree of decline.

Looking at it now, Nokia at the time had a loyal fan of this ticket, which gave Nokia a new “mass basis”. Similarly, Motorola has produced the world’s first mobile phone – Big Brother, Motorola itself and Nokia are both self-contained special effects. But compared to Nokia, Motorola is more impressive in the classic style of mobile phones in the functional devices era.

In the old way, Motorola’s Razr blade series is the highest level in the history of functional mobile phones. Whether it is the Motorola Razr series flip phone V3 or V8, in the context of the functional device era, the emergence of the Razr series itself is like Future elves. Of course, the Razr series was also very high-end at that time. When it was first launched in 2004, the Razr series of mobile phones became a hot new trend in the market, and the price even reached 5000 yuan.

Why do you have to mention the Razr series in particular? In fact, in many people’s eyes, Motorola’s Razr series is an important part of the history of the entire mobile phone development, Razr series witnessed Motorola’s entire transition from prosperity to decline, while Razr series also like a new era, Motorola’s function devices and intelligence the machine splits open.

Although some people may say that at the beginning of the smartphone, Motorola’s milestone series or Droid series also seems to sell very well. Indeed, in the early stage of the development of smartphones, Motorola’s milestone series has a good reputation, but the latter is not well managed and the lack of motivation in mobile phone innovation has caused Motorola’s market share to shrink sharply and eventually forced to sell Google. The Razr series can be regarded as Motorola’s “writing pen”.

After that, Motorola launched a variety of products, but in the global market, the market is not strong enough, the market is sluggish. Nowadays, Motorola needs a product which matches to the new trend, so that you can once again be strong on the ground. The engraved Razr is a tribute to a great age, the most important is the rebirth of Motorola quench. This kind of quenching can make the original impetuous Motorola regain its foot and find the direction to continue.

We will return to Nokia. In the year of Nokia’s rebirth, Nokia’s new owner HMD has already won 5% of the global market share in the first quarter of this year. For Nokia, this transcript after the return comes. Not easy. In contrast, Lenovo and Motorola, they have been classified into the “other” category.

HMD launched two new models for Nokia after the comeback. These two mobile phones are all replicas of Nokia’s classic version. They are the world’s 136 million Nokia 3310 and banana 8110 mobile phones. Under the guidance, HMD has launched a variety of Android phones for users of different classes. Obviously, consumers agree with HMD’s approach.

The answer is of course affirmative. The old man also noticed that Lenovo seems to be working closely on Motorola’s “re-engraving” work. In February of this year’s MWC 2018, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing revealed that Lenovo’s smartphone products will have more innovations. And the Motorola Razr brand will soon be developed or implemented. Obviously, Lenovo also believes that this kind of engraving is effective. It is easier to use the existing wheels in your hand than to start from the back compared to closing the door.

This answer is actually not difficult for Nokia, but if it is Razr, then it is really worth considering. Although the re-enactment of Notch is still a comprehensive screen, fingerprint or face unlock and so on, but in front of Motorola is a problem in the form of mobile phones. The two mobile phones engraved by Nokia are straight-line mobile phones. There is no need to consider a series of problems such as battery capacity and thickness because the size of the mobile phone itself can accommodate these components, and the straight-line mobile phone is also more acceptable.

However, Motorola’s Razr series is different. If the shape of the mobile phone is whether the flip design uses the previous hinge mechanical design, or the new flexible screen technology can be used to make the screen fold. Some of Motorola’s new patents seem to be solving this problem, but if it is in the form of a patent. Under the impetus of new technologies, the transplantation of network technology is very important for the re-engraving of classic mobile phones. In the small body of the Motorola Razr series, the current popular hardware configuration is put down, while maintaining a slim body. We must also make trade-offs and compromises.

It is feasible for Motorola to want to take a similar way to Nokia, but overall, the technical difficulty is far greater than the emotional factors. Of course, looking back at the current technology with our current standards is to look at the problem on the shoulders of giants. In view of the high-end positioning of Motorola’s Razr series, if Motorola can really re-enact the Razr series, then how to price is also a problem that Lenovo and Motorola need to consider.

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