Here You Need to Know about Huawei P10 Front Fingerprint ID


A smartphone with fingerprint scanner becomes common now, but the fingerprint scanner placement on front or back has become a controversy issue. Because two kinds of solution are quite popular. Someone says placing on the back is quite out of beauty, others think more convenient on its back. But most smartphones of Huawei have fingerprint Scanner on its back. Things have changed that Huawei P10 will use front fingerprint scanner next year, and Huawei fingerprint scanner manufacturer has added two companies, Goodix and Silead.


As you know Apple always has Home button to support fingerprint scanner on its front, Xiaomi MI5 uses fingerprint scanner from FPC company, which is also on the front design with fast speed. But Huawei uses FPC fingerprint scanner on its back including Huawei P9 and Huawei Mate 8. Huawei as a global famous smartphone company only uses one solution that will take too much risk. So they have to add two new manufacturers of fingerprint scanner. According to Dgitimes, Goodix and Silead have become the supply chain for high-end, mid-range, entry-level smartphone fingerprint scanner, of course, Huawei will also use FPC fingerprint scanner for high-end products. Goodix is estimated to release 40 million fingerprint scanner, Silead will release 20 million stock.


We have got the news that Huawei P10 will use front fingerprint scanner in June, 2016. As the first smartphone with front fingerprint scanner, Huawei needs to take their time. As you know, a lot of Meizu smartphones have used the front glass fingerprint scanner from Goodix. Compared with FPC, they have changed to use front fingerprint scanner quite earlier. Now they have become the supply chain which the front fingerprint scanner of Huawei will become more and more.


Right now we can’t not be sure Huawei will use fingerprint scanner on its front from Goodix or FPC. But Huawei most phones use virtual buttons, now this time it uses front fingerprint scanner, so it should not be pressed like Oneplus 3. More news about Huawei P10 exclusively will be reported later, Stay tuned.


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