Hidizs AP80 Pro Portable Player Offered at $151.05 [Anniversary Sale]


Hidizs recently announced an updated Hidizs AP80 Pro Portable Player. The audio section of the AP80 Pro is based on a dual DAC configuration. Check out its key features, along with pricing and expected availability, below.

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Hidizs AP80 Pro is finished from metal with CNC cutting lines creating a very strong, sturdy, and masculine overall. Both front and back are made of shiny glass. The front is a very nice touch screen. The screen has a size of 2.45 inches (480×360) IPS from Samsung for a brilliant and sharp display. The right edge of AP80 Pro is arranged with a control key cluster, the keys are reasonably arranged and have good bounce, easy to manipulate when used.


In terms of specifications, Hidizs AP80 Pro is equipped with a pair of top-notch DAC chips ES9218P capable of decoding DSD256, PCM up to 32bit/384kHz for better sound quality than its predecessor AP80. A detailed article about Hidizs AP80 Pro sound quality will be updated by Xuan Vu Audio as soon as possible. The left side of the player accommodates the micro-SD port. This can accept cards up to 512 GB. It will also be essential to invest in such storage since there is no internal memory, something generalized on most portable players on the market, apart from the more expensive.


Using AP80 Pro and Audio Minor to listen to the effect of 3.5mm output, playing Hins Cheung’s “Senses Inherited”, the vocals are detailed and full, the sound is more buried, the piano sound is crisp and the texture is excellent. The slightly warmer timbre is quite pleasing to pop and classical music, and the overall analysis and separation are good. The high-frequency extension is appropriate, the low-frequency volume is sufficient, the response is not particularly fast, and the drum sound is slightly biased towards thick and thick lines, but the detail is still good.

Replace the 2.5mm headphone cable and try the balanced output again. The dynamic is obviously stronger and the background is quieter, but the background of the original 3.5mm output is actually quite quiet. The separation of vocals and instruments is a little higher, and the analytical power is slightly improved. The only thing is that the high-frequency burr will become heavier, but you only need to adjust the high-frequency lip-tooth sound slightly on the MSEB tuning to make a balance, which not only improves the dynamics and analysis but also maintains around and detailed tone. , the effect is quite ideal.


Hidizs AP80 Pro features Bluetooth V4.2 bi-directional wireless connectivity with support for Hi-Res codecs including Sony LDAC, Apt-X, UAT and many more. UAT stands for Ultra Audio Transmission. It is a new Bluetooth codec developed by HiBy. It supports an industry’s highest sampling rate of 192kHz with an industry’s highest data bandwidth of 1.2Mbps. It also ensures a strong and stable Bluetooth wireless connection.


Hidizs AP80 Pro X is loaded with HiBy OS that supports MSEB EQ. MSEB(Mage Sound 8-ball Tuning) allows the users to easily adjust or equalize the output quality by adjusting multiple features such as tonality, bass response, texture, and more. This allows the user to tailor the sound output as per their preference.

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