HIMO C30S MAX Electric Bicycle Offered at $1639.99 [Coupon Deal]


The HIMO C30S MAX Electric Bicycle is not only a stunning-looking eBike, but it is also a well-equipped road eBike. With Front Forks made from advanced aluminum alloy forging and extrusion molding process for high strength, yet lightweight. The Shimano R3000 2×9 speed drivetrain features an advanced light action for low friction shifting of the gears and decreased pulley wear and noise.

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The C30S Max electric bike frame is made of aluminum alloy. It ensures stability and durability of the entire structure. The height of the saddle and handlebar can be adjusted and adjusted so that the riding comfort is as comfortable as possible. The 27.5-inch wheels are great for urban and suburban routes. Strong lighting ensures great visibility when driving in the dark. They are placed at the front and rear of the bike, so you can see the road in front of you better, and you are also visible to other road users. This set is completed with side reflectors. Disc brakes are present on both the front and rear wheels.


The color LCD effectively presents the most important data while driving and makes it easier to control important parameters. An electric bike rider can easily check which of the five riding modes is currently on, verify the battery charge status and the speed and number of kilometers traveled.


The front and rear disc brakes increase driving safety by guaranteeing reliable braking even in the event of a sudden obstacle on the road. 27.5” tires are ideal for suburban routes, where you can reach higher speeds compared to crowded city centers. The Kenda tire brand, recognized on the bicycle market, is a guarantee of reliability – appreciated especially on long journeys.


The energy-saving 36V 10Ah battery from SAMSUNG has an intelligent BMS management system, which affects, among other things, its longer life. The battery guarantees a range of 75 km, which makes it possible to travel by electric bike also over longer distances. It is secured with a key, which protects it against theft. The e-bike battery removal system simplifies the charging process. This solution makes it unnecessary to pick up and carry the bike into the apartment or office.

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